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We are telling you a little of THEODOR’s life, it is rather cool to share all of this with you and it is never the same person writing… One time it is Jane, tomorrow it will be Bernard and next week it will be Hugh, and sometimes it is even the Impertinent Parisian, classy, right?

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Travel journals with theine

Sharing of the fabulous trip to Lapland

Discover the winners of our 2016 Advent Calendar and their trip to Lapland.

On 30 January 2018
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Travel journals with theine

A Christmas in Russia

From Christmas Eve dinner to New Year’s Eve, through visits of inescapable monuments, Russian tea times and encounters on Red Square, G. LELEU reports to us his last moments of the year in detail...

On 13 January 2017
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Travel journals with theine

Indian lands

It is on the outskirts of the Ganges, in the middle of the ruddle small streets and at the heart of the plantations of India that the Impertinent Parisian is taking you through his travel journal, between tales and pictures…

On 10 May 2016
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Travel journals with theine

At the heart of Vietnam

After several days encountering tea gardens in Vietnam, the Impertinent Parisian comes back to us and shares with us his travel journal, through pictures which are taking us to the heart of the plantations...

On 10 March 2016