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We are telling you a little of THEODOR’s life, it is rather cool to share all of this with you and it is never the same person writing… One time it is Jane, tomorrow it will be Bernard and next week it will be Hugh, and sometimes it is even the Impertinent Parisian, classy, right?

Read more : 'Fuji' tea spread (Matcha Yuzu-white chocolate)
Tea recipes

'Fuji' tea spread (Matcha Yuzu-white chocolate)

A matcha yuzu and white chocolate tea spread recipe for the greediest taste buds to accompany your slices of bread, pancakes, crêpes...

On 18 March 2019
Read more : ‘Matcha-Yuzu’ tea crepes
Tea recipes

‘Matcha-Yuzu’ tea crepes

A yuzu matcha tea crepe recipe easy to prepare, to plan the perfect snack to be shared with family or friends.

On 04 March 2019
Read more : 'Matcha-Yuzu' Japanese Pancakes
Tea recipes

'Matcha-Yuzu' Japanese Pancakes

Bake delicious pancakes flavored with yuzu matcha, spongy and amazing, to surprise and satisfy the whole family's taste buds for a snack!

On 12 February 2019
Read more : Matcha tea & white chocolate cake
Tea recipes

Matcha tea & white chocolate cake

Discover the greediness of a white chocolate cake combined to matcha's vegetal notes. A recipe that is quick and easy to prepare!

On 06 February 2019
Read more : Cranberries and Russian tea Bundt
Tea recipes

Cranberries and Russian tea Bundt

Once again, Marie of Lavielilloise blog is showering us with sweets! Discover this delicious cake recipe, perfect during this Holidays period!

On 18 December 2018
Read more : Syrnikis
Tea recipes


For children and adults' pleasure, concoct a small Russian pancake recipe enhanced by cinnamon. Also an occasion to make little stencils with your family for the decoration.

On 12 December 2018
Read more : Tea and clementine Christmas yule log
Tea recipes

Tea and clementine Christmas yule log

Marie, blogger for lavielilloise, took the challenge this year to make a dessert Christmas yule log... The result is simply wonderful! There is nothing but to prepare this recipe for Christmas Eve.

On 08 December 2018
Read more : Fruit-tea smoothie
Tea recipes

Fruit-tea smoothie

Would you like a greedy and refreshing break? Prepare yourself a smoothie with fruits and a dose of tea or infusion, a true delight for adults' and children's taste buds...

On 23 July 2018
Read more : How to make your iced tea?
Tea recipes

How to make your iced tea?

Can't you live without your little tea breaks, even during summer time? Enjoy delicious moments with your loved ones with our easy recipe to prepare your iced teas!

On 29 June 2018
Read more : Raspberry and matcha tea sponge cake
Tea recipes

Raspberry and matcha tea sponge cake

Surprise your guests with a delicious matcha tea sponge cake with fruit flavors. 

On 10 May 2018