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On 20 March 2017

You would like to support THEODORA as well? Contribute to the well-being of hospitalized and autistic children staying in specialized institutions, by giving them Giggle Doctors’ visits? It is easy…

Where can I make my donation? 

Every day, in each of our partner points of sale, through the purchases of your favorite teas and blends, you take part in our solidarity action in favor of THEODORA Children’s Charity, because we donate every year 1% of our annual turnover* to THEODORA Children’s Charity.
This check is going to be donated every year on the International Day of Happiness, on March 20th.
One first check of 2,500€ is going to be donated on this March 20th, 2017 to take action starting from today!

Can I make a personal donation online?

YES! Many possibilities are offered to you...

> Directly on THEODORA's website where you can make a MONTHLY DONATION, in a few clicks:

>Either on THEODOR, you tea house's website:
- by donating 5, 10, 15 or 50€ directly on the page ‘Support THEODORA’ by clicking here. Your donations are not subject to any VAT and will be directly added to your cart’s order. 
- or by adding 1€ when confirming your cart. No small gesture can be neglected, whatever your budget and, as we say, “Small streams build large rivers” ;) 

Is the amount of the donation that I make going to be included in the calculation of your special or promotional operations or in the calculation of the shipping fees? 

NO, a donation is not a product, so the amount of the donation that you will make is counted aside from any usual cart rules, this, with a worry of traceability and equity for THEODORA Charity.

Also, its amount will not be included in the total amount of your own purchases, nor taken into account for the calculation of the shipping fees (charged or free) and in the benefit from any eventual discounts during special operations or for a gift code that you would have in your possession. Nevertheless, in order to avoid several bank operations, the payment of your whole order (products of your choice + donation), in case a donation is made, will be common to the one of your order, at the stage of payment. 

What is the interest to donate on rather than directly on 

THEODOR wanted to be more than a simple gatherer and is going to double in value each of the donations you make on its website, in order to accompany your generosity and to take action by your side!
Are you making a 5€ donation? 10€ will then be donated in favor of THEODORA Children’s Charity.
A 10€ donation? 20€ will be donated in favor of the Charity. Etc, etc…

Are my donations deductible? 

Each donation over 5€ that is made in favor of THEODORA Children’s Charity gives the right to a tax deduction representing 66% of the donation’s amount within a limit of 20% of your incomes (ex: a 50€ donation only costs 17€ after tax deduction).
Indeed we are going to let THEODORA Children’s Charity know regularly about each donation and each donor so that you can receive yours at your place.

Are the donations secured, how can I be sure that my donation is indeed going to be donated?

The whole of the donations raised on in favor of THEODORA Charity and their addition in value will happen under the strict supervision of S.F.T.O. 1842 – THEODOR company’s certified public accountants and external auditor during the annual closing of its financial year, so that there is no possible doubt.
Each financial operation is registered, tracked and everything is implemented for them to be unquestionable. Besides, each donation that is made will appear on your order’s invoice, containing your donation. Feel free to keep one copy of it for the traceability, even if it will remain available on your customer account, ‘Order history’ section.
THEODOR is committing to the greatest transparency, like always, towards you.
Besides, THEODORA Children’s Charity will have access to our company’s accounts, for control, on simple request.

The company S.F.T.O. 1842 - THEODOR is certified by Théodora Children's Charity in order to raise donations and to donate them to this Charity. View the authorization certificate.

Every time you will make a donation, you will be able to see it by yourself, after payment, directly on the website's homepage. Indeed, we set up a small meter taking each donation into account (as well as its double in value that THEODOR is committing to do) integrated into this one.

When will the meter be reset? 

On March 20th every year, this meter will be reset.
For this first year, the meter’s amount is going to start on March 20th with a sum of 2,500€**. A first donation that THEODOR wanted to make in your name, in order to celebrate the big day in favor of hospitalized children and autistic children.

Do you have any question?

Feel free to write to us directly by email to: or using our contact form by clicking here.
We are staying reachable, at your full disposal and we will reply to you as soon as possible.


*Exceptionally calculated on the March 20th, 2017 to June 30th, 2017 period, for S.F.T.O. 1842’s ongoing financial year.
The annual reference period for the following years; will be established according to S.F.T.O. 1842’s financial year, from July 1st to June 30th.
**As an advanced payment for the annual 1% on the reference period from March 20th, 2017 to June 20th, 2017 (related to the ongoing financial year).


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