Why has THEODOR chosen to support THEODORA?

On 20 March 2017


Beyond trade, consumption, beyond a way of life that our environment imposes to us, THEODOR’s meeting with its partners throughout the world  was not a mere coincidence but indeed it happened because of a desire to gather around one common passion, tea, ambassador of values of truth and sharing, welcome and happiness.

Beyond tea, what we have always been sharing is a very precise idea of taste, experience, demand, pleasure, sincerity, a consciousness from its origin to the savored cup, of a product, where there are throughout the production line, earth and men, with their cultures and their work, of which we made ourselves the ambassador.


And more than a simple umpteenth 'brand' on the market, through THEODOR, our desire has always been to be the actor who creates the meetingwho forces the link between our aspirations and the one who will consume its nectar.

. This happened through the will not to be a simple 'label brand' by building, little by little, our handcrafted production tool, our know-how, our distinctiveness.
. This happened through the fact that we favor, in our distribution, a local, diversified, international economy in order to feed every day from the experience of the greatest number, to the detriment of a 'volume' brand, forgetting about territories and giving priority to numbers and quantity instead of quality.

[] Les ateliers de Theodor

And it has been 15 years now, since THEODOR, thanks to its tea houses, its partners, has found its place in its commitment inside this tea environment, as a committed and assumed actor, simply different. 

And on the occasion of this 15th anniversary, certain of the support and the confidence you can show us and that our consumers have in us, we wanted to go even further...

That the action we all lead every day could still be done differently in a cause concerning all of us, where each of us can be concerned.
So, it is naturally that THEODOR had to turn to a great cause, the one of childhood and the one of illness, in order to celebrate with dignity our anniversary and beyond the coming years.

But then, why this cause?

As each of you know, the House's signature is 'Life is full of small pleasures'. It is not so much to morally impose yourself that you need to content yourself with what you have, but sometimes even more to stop on these little things making us happy in our daily lives.

And releasing doses of happiness is what drives us every day.

That is why, we have decided, starting from next MARCH 20th, that THEODOR is going to make a commitment in favor of THEODORA Children's Charity, by implementing a large number of means to raise donations and to promote actions in order to enable to give laughs and dreams to hospitalized children, as well as to autistic children, and so that this beautiful charity can continue its mission.

March 20th, International Day of Happiness!

Starting from next March 20th, each of you is going to be an actor of this solidarity chain, simply by continuing to buy your favorite teas from our partners!
>Indeed, starting from this date**, we are going to donate each year 1% of our turnover* to THEODORChildren's Charity.

Can each of you also act individually?

YES! We are going to raise, using different means, online and in points of sale (very soon, in the coming weeks) direct donations from the tea lovers who want to, AND THEODOR is committing to double their value, the value of each donation in order to be more than a simple 'gatherer' but an actor in our own right for this cause, by your side.

Besides, we are going to offer a few exclusive items whose whole profits will be donated to this beautiful cause,
Among other actions...

What is your personal interest?

'Childhood is a fragile stem that needs support' La Rochefoucauld used to say... just like these pretty first fragile tea leaves that we are doing our best to select for each harvest, we thought that we had a part to play.

Generosity, humanity cannot be calculated according to the benefit you can win!
The randomness of this meeting is that the cause happens to be prettily named THEODORA.

But this is only a mere coincidence, or not if you attach importance to the fact that in the feminine or the masculine form, in the Greek roots of this surname, its definition means 'Gift of God'.
Anyway the symbolic allusion is there, even if, it may be important to add the precision that, in any case, THEODOR has no direct or indirect interest and is not in relation to  THEODORA, independent structure founded in 2000.

Also, we hope that many among you will be proud and honored to by our side for this action that we let you free of becoming a representative to the greatest number, because what would be better than sharing our laughs and dreams together?


*Exceptionally calculated on the March 20th, 2017 to June 30th, 2017 period, for S.F.T.O. 1842’s ongoing financial year.
The annual reference period for the following years; will be established according to S.F.T.O. 1842’s financial year, from July 1st to June 30th.
**Remittance of a 2,500€ check on March 20th, 2017 as an advanced payment for the annual 1% on the reference period from March 20th, 2017 to June 20th, 2017 (related to the ongoing financial year).


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