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On 20 February 2017
THEODOR Chamomile


Following the various articles in the media over the past few weeks, following on from the notice of the detected presence, at alarming levels, of Pyrrolizidine alkaloids and pointed out by a German consumer association (Warentest), in Chamomile bags that are sold on the market, many among you have been asking us about the danger or non-danger of this herbal tea.
Besides, many among you asked about our own Chamomile’s inherent quality, by asking (some of you being very surprised) why we did not remove this product from the market as a precaution, like some of our colleagues did.

Although we are certain, and as well for our whole range of teas and other herbal tea plants, of our Chamomile’s quality that we have always offered to our consumers. First of all, because of the upstream and organic agriculture supply of our Chamomile, but also because of the producers we choose. It does not show any health risk or danger, so we indeed made the choice not to remove our product from the market.

Even though THEODOR is not incriminated, the communications made in reply to that on the market (being, as far as we are concerned, a controversial matter), implying that in the current state of the studies, the threshold which could be harmful to human beings was not known, and although the noted rates would be more than 380 times the dose, according to the threshold set by the BfR (German Federal Institute for risks evaluation), these rates were well short of the maximal threshold currently recommended at the European level by the EFSA. As a consequence, this created a legitimate suspicion for our consumers regarding the consumed Chamomile they could find.

Also, to set your mind at rest and to confirm our assertions to you through actions concerning our Chamomile, we decided to process to complementary analyses* on the Chamomile we propose in our offers, by these same German laboratories in order to analyze, detect and look for the presence of Pyrrolizidine alkaloids.

With this same concern for transparency, we decided today to publicly release the results of this analysis, in order for you to be yourself judge of our product quality and of the trust you can have in it.

Analysis available here:

Besides, as a reminder,
If no legal maximal rate has been set by regulations for now, there are recommendations.

The rates indicated in our analysis are the ones of the BfR (German Federal Institute for risks evaluation), carried out in equivalent situation conditions as the contextual ones. They are in accordance with the ones of the EFSA (max. 0.007 µg PA/kg of physical weight).


As you can notice, the results show that with the quantification limits set up by the method, no PA (Pyrrolizidine alkaloid) was detected in the Chamomile sample.
It does not necessarily mean that there aren’t any, but that if there are some, the concentration is below the LOQ set up by the method, that they are undetectable and therefore that they are very low (<10-50 µg/kg).
According to the results, you see then that the total rate of Pyrrolizidine alkaloids in our sample is below the rate recommended by the BfR (and as a consequence by the EFSA).

Because trust is shown through actions and cannot be asserted, we will conclude by assuring our consumers that our priority has always been to serve their interests and to optimize the reduction of risks for the consumer.
We always give priority to quality instead of quantity, price, marketing and trade.

It is a fundamental commitment in our everyday approach, alongside with the highest transparency possible in order to honor our customer’s trust.

*Indeed the search for Pyrrolizidine alkaloids is not naturally performed in the usual analyses, carried out for each of our teas and blends during their production process. 

  • Francis On 20.02.2017 at 18h26 Reply to this comment

    Chère Maison THEODOR, votre article est une fois de plus, génial ! En effet, je suis l'un de vos plus grands fans, mais il faut l'admettre, j'adore lire votre blog et en plus je peux dire ce que je pense sur chaque article, je suis aux anges...enfin presque :). Bonne journée à toute l'equipe THEODOR.

    Je n'ai pas pu resister au fait de recopier le texte pré-inscrit ;)
    Merci pour ces precisions concernant la camomille, qui rassurera les consommateurs de thés et infusions, et ne surprendra pas les consommateurs reguliers de THEODOR, habitués à la qualité et au serieux de la Maison.

    • LA MAISON THEODOR On 20.02.2017 at 18h26

      Cher Francis,
      Merci pour votre commentaire ! Mais vous savez nous pouvons comprendre que vous êtes aux anges et que vous adorez lire notre blog... ;)
      Il était en effet pour nous très important d'avertir et de rassurer nos consommateurs sur la qualité de notre Camomille. Nous sommes touchés que cela ne vous étonne pas.
      Belle journée !