The 1st Christmas Tea Pop-up store

On 01 November 2016
Tea Pop-up Store

On the occasion of the Tea Celebration’s 10 years, the Impertinent Parisian is spoiling us with several gifts, after months spent inside his laboratory, he becomes Santa Claus and will unveil to us in preview the whole ‘Laponic December, 25th’ Collection and even more… in Paris – at the Galerie Kogan from next November 09th to 13th.


On the program? 

  • Come to taste the latest creations with wood, aromatics and seasonal fruit essences, inspired by the great landscapes of Lapland.
  • Discover exclusively the latest ‘House’ Collection of THEODOR, composed of the ‘Laponic December, 25th’ and ‘Timeless’ scented candles inspired by tea…
  • Let yourself be seduced by the very 1st Advent calendar of THEODOR house which will give its rhythm to the days of the final count… 
  • And go meet in preview ultimate surprises which will be revealed during this very special… event.

Galerie KOGAN - 96bis rue Beaubourg - 75003 Paris 
Only one address for an exceptional moment! 

Christmas countdown is about to start, the year’s end celebrations are coming and with them, the desire for winter, heat and fairy reappears.
In order to celebrate this, THEODOR opens its first Christmas Pop-up Store at the Kogan Art Gallery… 3 steps away from Beaubourg, 2 steps away from THEODOR H. Square and 1 step away from the ‘Arts et Métiers’ station (Subway lines 3 and 11).

What a pleasure for us to open the doors of an ephemeral Christmas workshop to you, in order to create a privileged moment between us! 

New tea collection - Laponic December, 25th

A ‘Laponic December, 25th’! Should we tell you more about it?

Once upon a time, a creator who, inside his laboratory was dreaming to add touches of novelties to Christmas, like a touch of boldness.
The idea came to him from the forests of the far North and the ‘Laponic’ cold.

Far from the usual straightjackets, beyond the simple spirit of Christmas recipe, inspired by nature, for the first time, wood essences delicately flavor our tea blends, seasonal fruits bring a note of sweetness and aromatics reawaken these compositions…
Are they already intriguing you? Discover a few of their notes… :

  • Black tea: oak moss, rosemary and cranberry
  • Green tea: Juniper berries, pine buds and fruits of the forest
  • Rooibos: Thyme, sandalwood and fruits of the forest
  • White tea: Basil, cedar and blackberries

We invite you to their tasting, throughout this Pop-up Store during this special event.

Advent Calendar - THEODOR A Christmas in Lapland

The Advent calendar?

In order to list the so long-awaited days before December 25th, our Impertinent Parisian is carrying us away in a game full of surprises and small pleasures.
So, who will discover the golden pine cone, golden ticket to a fabulous trip to Lapland for 4 people, of a value of 6,000€?

This calendar was wanted as a present, it overflows with tea, but not only…
It is generous and contains treasures to be discovered. Each morning will be a moment filled with magic, amazement and pleasure, this is our promise to you.... The icing on the cake, or rather pine cone under the Christmas tree, among the holders of this Advent calendar, one lucky one will be leaving with his/her family to Lapland, next year. In the memory of Santa Claus, we had never seen such a fabulous Advent tea calendar.

New candles inspired by tea

The scented candles?
Launch of THEODOR’s ‘House’ Collection! And what if tea infused our houses?

Two scented candle collections have come to enrich THEODOR House’s range. Presented in preview, they will perfume your interiors with delicate tea fragrances.

The four ‘Laponic December, 25th’ candles are firmly warm and greedy. Like polar snowflakes, these pretty candles sold inside an individual case have slipped into a white lacquered glass. And what if we told you that they are, besides, magical? So light them, close your eyes only to hear their wood wick crackle… and to transport you by the fire.

But THEODOR did not forget about its great tea blends, which are already pleasing you. Through the ‘Timeless’, marking the beginning of a new permanent candle collection inspired by mythical blends of THEODOR tea house, find your favorite teas in delicate olfactory. Will you be able to recognize them? Luxurious like jewels inside their ‘Platinium’ glass, beautiful to give someone or yourself.

Like with each of his creations, the Impertinent Parisian was demanding, with this aim in mind he selected a 100% natural vegetal wax produced in Grasse.

Theodor makes of Christmas a gift

Other surprises? Yes, we promise you! 

Among them, in the course of his travels, our tea taster, eternal curious person, inveterate snooper, talent scout and meeting lover, always brings gems back to us.
During his latest Japanese wanders, his creator eye had stopped on the ceramics of a wonderful Japanese craftsman and designer.
Elegant, pure, so enjoyable to the touch, we invite you to the discovery of unique teacups. The perfect accessory for perfect tea times and which will be the perfect case for your infusions…

But we say no more, it is your turn to be curious and to come to us in order to make the whole of these imagined creations yours… only for you and to make of this December, 25th here, a Christmas imbued with amazements and magic.

  • Fabienne On 09.11.2016 at 08h47 Reply to this comment

    Juste de passage à Paris cette semaine, je me réjouis d'avance de venir découvrir votre Pop-up Store !
    L'Insolent Parisien est décidément trop fort !

    • LA MAISON THEODOR On 09.11.2016 at 08h47

      Chère Fabienne, encore une fois merci pour votre visite ! Nous avons été ravi de pouvoir vous rencontrer. En vous souhaitant de délicieux teatimes... Très belle journée !

  • Patricia On 02.11.2016 at 10h33 Reply to this comment

    Hate de découvrir cela :)

    • LA MAISON THEODOR On 02.11.2016 at 10h33

      C'est avec grand plaisir chère Patricia que nous vous accueillerons ! Belle journée et à très vite...