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We are telling you a little of THEODOR’s life, it is rather cool to share all of this with you and it is never the same person writing… One time it is Jane, tomorrow it will be Bernard and next week it will be Hugh, and sometimes it is even the Impertinent Parisian, classy, right?

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Tea recipes

'Nina Pop' Waffles

A delicious and sweet recipe to celebrate the approaching Mother's Day, offering all in subtlety the notes of candy apple from the Nina Pop infusion... To savor to your heart's content!

On 17 May 2016
Cup of tea

'Thé du Loup' : first flavored black tea signed by THEODOR

For its first flavored creation, the Impertinent Parisian chose to address all kind of palates, from adults to children...

On 10 May 2016
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Travel journals with theine

Indian lands

It is on the outskirts of the Ganges, in the middle of the ruddle small streets and at the heart of the plantations of India that the Impertinent Parisian is taking you through his travel journal, between tales and pictures…

On 10 May 2016
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Tea recipes

Savory 'Matcha' Cake

A savory recipe with the subtle flavors of matcha tea, for a light and gourmet meal!

On 19 April 2016
Cup of tea

Made in France tea, an artisan manufacturing a stone's throw from Paris

THEODOR tea brand set up on the bank of the Seine River in order to manufacture its teas and its creations...

On 12 April 2016
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Tea recipes

'Earl grey royal' Muffins

Small morsels deliciously flavored with black tea with note of bergamot, a delight for the taste buds of amateurs of Russian tastes'.

On 05 April 2016
Cup of tea

Creator of flavored teas : The Impertinent Parisian

There is no need to introduce Parisian tea brand THEODOR Paris anymore... but what if we took a particular interest in this exceptional tea house's creator. Who is behind the one we call the Impertinent Parisian?

On 20 March 2016
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Travel journals with theine

At the heart of Vietnam

After several days encountering tea gardens in Vietnam, the Impertinent Parisian comes back to us and shares with us his travel journal, through pictures which are taking us to the heart of the plantations...

On 10 March 2016
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Tea recipes

Macarons 'J'aime'

A recipe filled with love to offer macarons to your heart's desire, with a ganache with the flavors of a green tea flavored with strawberry macaron.

On 08 March 2016
Cup of tea

An inescapable tea address in Paris: THEODOR Trocadéro

Today, let's take a trip to the 'Trocadéro' quarter, in 16th arrondissement in Paris, at 28 rue des Sablons, to discover there THEODOR tea shop, the tea counter where a sweet 'Belle Epoque' atmosphere reigns.

On 15 February 2016