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On 20 October 2016
Trip to win for 4 people

Tea Advent Calendar – 2016 - So that life is made of many small pleasures…!

For Theodor, distributing small pleasures, doses of love, of escape, in order to make us smile, is an everyday mission. To give an enchanting trip in order to make a Christmas with family even more magical has been an absolute wish for a long time… And this wish, for this 2016 Christmas, we wanted to make it come true, for you.

Because at Theodor, we like to play being a magician of small pleasure in order to make of some moments of life a pretty bracket, like for each of our cups of tea that we share together.

So… 1, 2, 3 … 24! Counting each day of December before D-Day, the one of a gift that you want to make, that you want to have. Because who is not looking forward, every year, to the arrival of this season, in order to enjoy each moment of it, each flake, each surprise, each presence…?

And in order to accompany us through this Advent of unending days, where the daytime decreases little by little a little more, what is better than to count on the help of a Calendar that will draw, through a small or a bigger surprise, a smile on our lips and will fill our impatience?  

Snow and Christmas illuminations

To go to the land of North Pole

For this 2016 Christmas, Theodor House has then fulfilled its dearest wish, to take you to the end of the world, both through its new blends, its fragrances, the touch, the sight, the taste, by a fire that one would hear crackling, in order to make of each moment a unique and rare bracket. And it’s then with a certain delight that we are pleased to present to you the very first ‘Advent Calendar – A Christmas in Lapland’ from the ‘Laponic December, 25th’ collection, composed of its small and bigger surprises, among which some very special, and that will amaze you both by their value and their ideas, we hope.

An Advent Calendar with theine, with a warm design, wearing the season’s colors, which will perfectly blend in the Christmas decorations of your interior, and will accompany you every day until Christmas Eve. An Advent Calendar with theine, around our creations and novelties that we envy, spectacular and enchanting.

We hid for a value of more than 100€ of products, to be discovered behind each box; indeed it contains more than 60 precious teabags among 20 tea or infusion references of the House…, one of the Impertinent Parisian’s latest magical creations…, and other secrets imbued with love and unseen pleasures…

Find the golden pine cone!

And in order to perfect the whole, we wanted it to be magical! So for any purchase of an ‘Advent Calendar – A Christmas in Lapland’, what would you say about the possibility to go and experience a ride on a sled in the company of reindeers, to watch the wonderful spectacle of the aurora borealis with snowy landscapes for as far as the eyes can see, or simply to meet Santa Claus, the real one, just once and this with all your family?

Because its true mystery is that inside one the boxes of each of our Advent Calendars, a surprise was slipped and among them, one unique chance to win a fabulous trip* for 4 people to Santa’s and his elves’ country: to Lapland, of a value of more than 6,000€.

Inside one of the boxes of each of our Advent Calendars, you can simply find one magical pine cone, which was secretly slipped inside a mystery box. You might have to shake it, discover it on the 3rd day or wait until the last day to find it! And among these, only one ‘pine cone’ is golden and accompanied by a secret number. The one who will have the chance to find it inside his/her Advent Calendar will be the happy winner of the trip to Lapland for 4 people, in order to celebrate Christmas in 2017 at the end of the polar world. A destination filled with fairy, magic and amazements, with family, right in the heart of the immaculate nature of Santa Claus’ famous land.

There is nothing for it but to discover the famous golden ticket containing this magical pine cone, and doing nothing more than please yourself! 

… and stay tuned in order to discover shortly the entirety of the ‘Laponic December, 25th’ collection, that is to say these 4 creations with theine with sweet notes of wood, aromatics and fruits… soon online.

Hyvää Joulua (Merry Christmas) to you all!

We are looking forward to read you and to know who the happy winner is!

* Game reserved for France and Europe. Rules & regulations available on 

Merry Christmas in Lapp
  • Fabienne On 30.11.2016 at 21h06 Reply to this comment

    Je rêve depuis longtemps d'aller en Laponie...mais à Strasbourg je n'ai pas trouvé de à Namur plus de calendrier...
    Le dernier a été pour mon amie ...les Thés de Noel sont fabuleux , tout en douceur..légèreté comme un flocon de neige..Un grand merci à l'Insolent Parisien

  • Juliette On 24.10.2016 at 16h40 Reply to this comment

    C'est mon rêve de partir en Laponie !!!!! Je sens que je vais acheter ce Calendrier... Merci !