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We are telling you a little of THEODOR’s life, it is rather cool to share all of this with you and it is never the same person writing… One time it is Jane, tomorrow it will be Bernard and next week it will be Hugh, and sometimes it is even the Impertinent Parisian, classy, right?

Cup of tea

Buy exceptional tea online: THEODOR House

THEODOR wanted to be aimed at all tea lovers in order to allow them to assert themselves, to be happy, fulfilled and to continue to discover the tea world.

On 09 December 2016
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THEODOR events

The 1st Christmas Tea Pop-up store

On the occasion of the Tea Celebration’s 10 years, the Impertinent Parisian is spoiling us with several gifts, and will unveil to us in preview the whole ‘Laponic December, 25th’ Collection and even more…

On 01 November 2016
Read more : Win a trip to Lapland with Theodor
THEODOR events

Win a trip to Lapland with Theodor

For Theodor, distributing small pleasures, doses of love, of escape, and make you smile, is an everyday task and to give an enchanting trip in order to make a Christmas even more magical was an absolute wish.

On 20 October 2016
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Tea recipes

Salmon & Lapsang Souchong tart

Salmon, leeks and a hint of smoked tea for a delicious and light dish with delicate savors!

On 28 September 2016
Cup of tea

'Milky Oolong' : an exceptional oolong tea

Very appreciated by tea lovers, this oolong tea offers very special notes, making it simply unique and we cannot get tired of it...

On 23 September 2016
Cup of tea

THEODOR's tea universes

How to choose the perfect tea facing all of these choices, these origins, these flavors, these blends which are so different from one another?

On 15 September 2016
Cup of tea

Tea address in Granville

We continue our immersion into what was the first THEODOR tea shop, Picorette x THEODOR Granville, to learn more about this place of tea wonders...

On 07 September 2016
Cup of tea

‘Carpe Diem’, a beneficial infusion at any moment

What about a little beneficial cup, to be enjoyed either in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening as its base doesn't contain any theine...

On 31 August 2016
Cup of tea

One of the first THEODOR tea shops : Picorette Granville

What if we made a little stop in Normandie, and especially in Granville to discover there a tea room for all kind of tea lovers...

On 17 August 2016