General Terms of Use - Comments

Date of the last update: 06/01/2016


ARTICLE 1. Presentation

The present General Terms of Use (called hereafter ‘GTU’) define the terms of availability of the service ‘Add a comment’ offered on the ‘tea Blog’ (hereafter known as ‘the blog’) on the website and other subdomains, as well as the conditions to which the User must consent in order to publish content there.


ARTICLE 2. Definitions

Through the possibility of adding comments, the website and other subdomains offer the internet users the possibility to exchange, to contribute, to discuss and to inform.

The internet user (or user) refers to any individual having access to the blog and using the functions ‘add’ or ‘reply to’ a comment on this one.

He does not need to be identified on Theodor’s website to publish a comment. Only a name and a valid email address are required.

The present GTU must be agreed to by any internet user who wants to add or to reply to a comment on the blog, the acceptance of those terms will happen when publishing a comment, failing that, this one will not be submitted.


ARTICLE 3. Moderation

Each posted comment is subject to moderation, it consists in approving or refusing a comment. If this one is not in compliance with the rules present in Article 4, it will not be published online.

THEODOR house commits:

  • Not to alter or modify an element from a comment left by an internet user,
  • To publish within a period of maximum 72 hours an approved comment after the author has written it.


ARTICLE 4. The rules

The comments of the following natures will not be published:

  • Invasion of other people’s privacy, 
  • Libel, discrimination and insult,
  • Homophobia, pornography and pedophilia,
  • Reproduction, representation or circulation of a work protected by the Code for intellectual property*,
  • Publicity and other commercial links,
  • Indications of personal data (email address, postal address, telephone…) in order to protect the privacy,
  • Display of your religious, political or cultural opinions,
  • Reference to eventual trouble experienced following an order placed on our website,
  • Drawing up of a comparison with a competitor.

Thank you for respecting the other internet users who react on the blog of and other subdomains. Avoid off topics and wrong information. Write your comments in a way that is readable and understandable, the SMS language is banned, as well as comments only written in capital letters.


ARTICLE 5. Validity

The duration of validity of the present GTU is open-ended, and these take effect as from their acceptance by the internet user, that is to say as soon as a comment is written on the blog.

Only the present terms of use in French are valid.


ARTICLE 6. Updates

The website and other subdomains reserve the right to modify unilaterally and without any advance notice the present charter. Consequently, the internet user is invited to consult this charter before adding each comment. By accessing the tool for comments, the internet user is considered to have agreed without reservations nor restriction the modifications which would then have occurred.


* Please refer to our ‘Legal information’ for further information.


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