A little more about the artwork...

On 04 September 2015
The designers of the artwork

On the occasion of the ‘REVELATIONS’ fair, from next September, 10th to 13th, you will be able to discover tea throughout a piece of art designed to tell the story of its constant metamorphosis.

Its designers, Nicolas Jandrot and Florence Tajan, have met each other at Camondo School, where they developed a certain taste for the relation between space & objects, as well as a strong inclination towards decorative arts and their underlying know-how.
Invited behind the scenes at THEODOR house, they became very sensitive to the spirit of creation that animates it in its purest form. From the profusion of ideas presiding the elaboration of a tea to its packing they were revealed a well-kept secret. This secret is the one to which those two talented creators want to initiate the visitor throughout an object created for the Revelations fair.

This ‘object’ has the shape of a monumental totem and was conceived as a metaphor for the successive states of tea, from the tree to the teacup. Through the process of transformation from raw materials to the fragility of glass, or through the creation of a balance between the Mass and the lightness of the plays of transparency, THEODOR’s new creations will be revealed to the visitors with contrasts.

Metal, wood and glass are 3 materials representing 3 essential professions to the realization of the object. The two designers thus called upon different art and craftsmen: 

  • Jean-Pierre Cottet-Dubreuil, Dubreuil is a silversmith. In 2012 he took the reins of the house Richard, founded in 1910 and located in the 3rd Arrondissement in Paris. His activity consists in the restoration of antiques, and the creation of metal or silver pieces, in partnership with designers such as '5.5 Designers for Widow Clicquot', amongst others.
    Web site: orfevrerie-richard.com
  • Gérald Vatrin is a glassmaker. He teaches the art of glass to future professionals and regularly assists artists in their work, such as Anish Kapoor, Pierre Charpin, Jean-Michel Othoniel or the Bouroullec brothers.  He also exhibits his own creations in the art galleries of France and Europe.
    Web site : geraldvatrin.org
  • Laurence-Sanchez workshop combines design and cabinetmaking. It designs and creates new objects while allowing part of its activity to interior designing for architects and to the restoration of antique furniture. 
    Web site : atelierlaurence-sanchez.fr

Come to meet them on this special occasion for the Revelations fair, in order to discover each of their know-how.