THEODOR presents 3 new teas in premiere

On 02 September 2015
THEODOR - Fine and refined tea

‘There is no material that can’t be idealized. Nothing that man can’t glorify. 
Creation is the art of sublimating the invisible to make it perceptible, to reveal it.’

THEODOR will participate for the 1st time to the Revelations Biennale, fine craft and creation fair at the Grand Palais. First and foremost it is an honor, and an invitation to consider the profession of tea creator. Such high skills are prone to unveil the talent, expectations and creativity of every country on the world scene, especially those in France, where the finest representatives of culture, architecture, design, high fashion, and gastronomy cohabit and have been participating in the country’s untouched-for-generations international influence.

To sign a creation for such an important cultural event doesn’t necessarily mean baptizing it with the event’s name. What it does mean, however, is to go further than that and to respect the origins of the event, its spirit, values and fundamental principles.

The REVELATIONS fair reaffirms this will to gather all the members of a family committed to a personal confrontation with materials and thought, and whom will reveal the creative ardor animating them under the glass roof of the Grand Palais.

Presided by Serge Nicole head of Ateliers d’Art de France – French federation of craft professionals - the REVELATIONS fair is the flagship event of this autumn’s cultural calendar. After its success in 2013, it reaffirms, with this second edition, the highlights of its identity: the imperative for exemplary quality, its implementation in a scenery made of a transparency and open-mindedness giving free way to the blossoming of the avant-garde in an international dimension.
Our thanks to Mr. Serge Nicole, president of the French federation of craft professional,
Our thanks to Mr. Henri Jobbé-Duval, co-founder of the FIAC (international contemporary arts fair) and chief commissioner of the REVELATIONS fair,
For their trust towards us, and the glass canopy they offered THEODOR with.

At D-6 from the opening of the REVELATIONS fair, it is now time for us to share a little bit of the secrets of the 3 teas which will be presented in a world premiere during the fair.

'REVELATIONS', (from the latin revelare, and from the classic latin velare, to put a veil on).
Action consisting in revealing, unveiling, in making something known to someone.
Realization or sudden experience of a reality that leaves a lasting trace.

To reveal something, it is first and foremost necessary to understand the importance of the invisibility residing in raw materials. Materials that men are able to magnify through a transformation that will make them perceptible and different. They will thus be offered to the visitors’ senses through their sight, sense of touch, hearing, scent and taste. Art consists in a transcription of a material that needs to be shaped and of the inspiration that shall guide men to sublimate it.
As for THEODOR and the Impertinent Parisian, the invisible inspired the intangible, the origin, the untouchable, this matter that we can only imagine and that feeds our everyday aspirations especially those of the constellations.

'Certains parmi nous sont en train de regarder les étoiles…'
'Some among us are contemplating the stars…'
In an intent to translate the idea that in order to live, one needs a dream-filled life.

It is in such a manner that were created, on paper, not one but 3 creations, because our dreams are plural, our wishes are numerous, and the possibilities infinite. 3 constellations are suggested by blends of original flavors, related to Asia and especially Korea, displayed during this art biennial, and for the France-Korea crossed years.

Then we wish to invite you to an encounter with:


This creation highlights the delicate exercise of association of, not what is opposed, but what connects together 2 different cultures, those of the West and of the East.
The notes of yuzu and plum enter in a dialog with the flavors of orange and bergamot and are linked together in a black tea from China, spotted with flowers of immortal, delivering on your taste buds a tea made of secrets and mysteries, at the image of the legendary Perseus in the general shape of a 5 pointed-star.


Remaining on the same basis, this creation is now made of a more vegetable green tea, filled with sunshine and notes of morning dew and enlightened with a fragile balance, a surprising contrast between the sweetness and the spicy aspect of mandarin and ginger. As a guide, we let ourselves be taken away by this North Star, defining and reminding us of the existence of a North and a South, of a West and an East. Wherever we are, we are thus enabled to follow on our own path, all the while taking forces into the infinite origins of our History and into our surroundings.


It achieves our quest and makes us look away, almost inwardly, in order to look beyond, to take a glance at another hemisphere thanks to a mysterious blend of black tea and green maté, an original infusion created to reassure us and to remind us that we can always rise again from our ashes, at the image of material, than can be unfearfully and incessantly reshaped, because infinity is ours. A detoxifying infusion, full of pleasures, highlighted here with the presence of cocoa and almond and spiced up with the surprise of a Chile pepper that will awaken our taste buds for long and sweet evenings.

Here ends our gaze turned towards the stars and those revelations which shall represent as many promises as obligations for THEODOR, those to be the ambassador of this one thousand-year-old beverage.