Some among us are contemplating the stars

On 31 August 2015
'Revelations' at the Grand Palais

'A gaze towards infinity…the invisible surrounding us…a moment in the stars…' 

The subtle art of mixing & its flavored blends… THEODOR has always presented the tea universe through creation and excellence. It is as a House of Creation that THEODOR Paris will be present at the biennial of fine craft & creation fair:

'REVELATIONS' fine craft and creation fair from September, 10th to the 13th 2015

A fine moment for our House to further share its poetic and dreamlike universe by unveiling 3 new creations inspired by a common thread made of mystery and of the secrecy of the art of creation.

As a partner of the fair, THEODOR will reveal the process of tea creation in an original form, playing the Benefactor as the greatest French luxury houses do.

The House has ordered its very first original Work of Art from two young & talented designers & creators, schooled in decorative Arts at Camondo: Nicolas JANDROT and Florence TAJAN signed in for an improbable challenge, the one to introduce tea through THEODOR’s experience from an entirely fresh perspective.

This unique masterpiece, specially created for the Biennial, will go hand in hand with the launching of Guillaume Leleu’s 3 new blends. The Impertinent Parisian stroke again with an inspiration filled with stars, invisibility and revealed material that compose this exclusive special edition to come, nicely named:



A special edition wishing to share with you the story of 3 constellations, 3 moments of escape, and 3 invitations to sublimate the imagination.

If you look up to the sky towards the northern hemisphere, you will see ‘PERSEUS’. A hero of Greek mythology, he was born and raised in secrecy until his own cries revealed himself to his grandfather. He who saved and married Andromeda captive of a sea monster, he whom Zeus, supreme God of this mythology, placed within the constellations of the sky… Now we can discover Perseus’ secret with a black tea flavored with original and unique flavors, as only THEODOR knows how to design.

If you wander further to the north, you will discover the well-known ‘PETITE OURSE’, which has the brightest star. It leaves its mark on the North Pole and its cove points the way to the light. From the latin Ursa Minor, this mythological constellation is none other than Arcas transformed in a Petite Ourse (literally small bear), and condemned to walk around the North Pole by Zeus, his father. As for THEODOR, Petite Ourse is an occasion to dive in the delicacies of a flavored green tea with the blink of a child and his teddy bear… a little stuffed bear so reassuring and protective that we dearly hold on to it for comfort.

Now, turn your eyes towards the South, the sky is inviting us to an encounter with ‘PHŒNIX’. Named after its legendary bird from Africa, endowed with longevity and the power to rise again from its own ashes; this constellation is here translated with insolence by an adventurous blend of black tea & green mate that will surprise your taste buds with exoticism and pleasure.

A range of greedy  & tangy notes filled with softness & original flavors compose these 3 new teas. They will be available as from next September, 15th 2015. You will be able to find them in the House’s usual formats: tins of 100g, Parisian bags size M (125g) and Parisian bags size L (250g).



OPENING HOURS: September, 10th / 11th / 12th from 10am to 8pm & September, 13th from 10am to 7pm
Day reserved for Professionals only: September, 9th 2015

ACCESS: Grand Palais, avenue Winston Churchill, 75 008 Paris, France
Métro 1 / 9 / 13, stations Franklin D. Roosevelt, Champs Elysées - Clémenceau
Buses 28 / 42 / 52 / 72 / 73 / 80 / 83 / 93
Parking: Rond-point des Champs Elysées, 3 avenue Matignon, 75 008 Paris

Design: Nicolas Jandrot and Florence Tajan / Alumni Camondo for THEODOR