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We are telling you a little of THEODOR’s life, it is rather cool to share all of this with you and it is never the same person writing… One time it is Jane, tomorrow it will be Bernard and next week it will be Hugh, and sometimes it is even the Impertinent Parisian, classy, right?

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Sharing of the fabulous trip to Lapland

Discover the winners of our 2016 Advent Calendar and their trip to Lapland.

On 30 January 2018
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THEODOR events

How to find the perfect Valentine's gift?

In order to make your beloved happy on the occasion of Valentine's Day, THEODOR selected for you tea gift sets filled with refinement and sweetness.

On 29 January 2018
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The backstage of THEODOR

THEODOR Advent Calendar: Choice between Content/Container - Explanations

In 2016 already we had asked ourselves the question in the designing of the product itself. In 2017, the same question came up to us, how to find the right balance between our values and our intrinsic approaches...

On 20 December 2017
Read more : Matcha tea yule log
Tea recipes

Matcha tea yule log

For the most gourmet Christmas Eve, plunge into Japanese culture and discover the Land of the Rising Sun in a different light…

On 11 December 2017
Read more : 'Dec. 25th rooibos' eggnog
Tea recipes

'Dec. 25th rooibos' eggnog

Discover the reviewed recipe of traditional eggnog with a hint of flavored Christmas rooibos releasing all of its spicy flavors for a comforting cup during the Holidays.

On 26 November 2017
Read more : A new Christmas collection
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A new Christmas collection

For its 15th anniversary and its 2017 Christmas tea collection, THEODOR house  signs a wonderful and great cooperation with a great international artist-designer, simply enough to let you dream of the most beautiful Christmas gift...

On 23 October 2017
Read more : Open letter - End of Tea Celebration
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Open letter - End of Tea Celebration

The International Tea Celebration on November 9th celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2016, but there will be no 11th edition.

On 28 September 2017
Read more : 'Verveine' ice cream
Tea recipes

'Verveine' ice cream

Do you need an original refreshment filled with sweetness? Savor one or two scoops of 'verveine' ice cream! A delicious recipe to prepare using an ice-cream maker.

On 09 August 2017
Read more : Panna cotta with 'Mélange Ô' tea
Tea recipes

Panna cotta with 'Mélange Ô' tea

Are you in the mood for a greedy break at the end of the meal or for a snack? You can easily prepare a delicious panna cotta with the 'Mélange Ô' flavored black tea!

On 16 July 2017
Read more : Sencha tea tuna rillettes
Tea recipes

Sencha tea tuna rillettes

You feel like eating some savory slices of bread? Or to prepare yourself small canapés for pre-dinner drinks? The Sencha Japanese green tea tuna rillettes will definitely please your taste buds!

On 25 May 2017