Give tea as a present on any occasion

On 10 January 2020

For Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or even on Easter or on any occasion, to give tea as a present provides many advantages and makes it the perfect gift for the whole family. Less connoted than wine (generally more intended for mankind), less connoted than flowers (which essentially please womenkind), tea indeed addresses the greatest number and can even be enjoyed with children in some cases (like for theine-free rooibos and fruit infusions). The whole for a real break and a relaxing moment during the week or the weekend, to be shared with your loved ones, your family, your significant other...

Tea also offers the possibility to start baking, in order to prepare delicious bites for a perfect tea time. And the possibilities are infinite: financiers, madeleines, tartlets or even a little cake... There is nothing like delicious handmade tea pastries to enjoy a greedy moment.

To make your significant other happy on Valentine's Day? Share a privileged moment as a couple around a 'J.E. Oolong Milky', which satisfies both feminine and masculine palates or choose 'Je t'aime' flavored black tea (pistachio macaron) which is already a pretty declaration itself.

For Easter, you have two options:
- an infusion with digestive and detox benefits, with delicate flavors to counter the effets of chocolate excesses while treating yourself with a 'Weed - Good infusion'.
For those who simply want to avoid eating chocolate, we propose delicious blends with roasted round and greedy notes, such as the 'Thé du Loup' (notes of chocolate) or even 'Célébration' (flavors of hazelnut), a pleasure without the calories!

With Mother's Day approaching, let's treat her with a little gustatory delight for afternoons of sharing or simply for her relaxing breaks.

Birthday is coming? You have the choice in this case. To surprise and please any time, the 'Happy Birthday' fruit infusion (a message that everyone will understand).

If you know their tastes particularly, think about their favorite tea, maybe an 'Earl Grey Royal', a 'Pêché Mignon', or even a 'Joie de vivre'?

So you got it now, tea time is the occasion to treat people while treating yourself by sharing your favorite beverage and privileged moments, making it the perfect gift idea to make someone happy under any circomstances.