The New Year or Advent Tea Calendar!

On 08 December 2019
Theodor Tea Advent Calendar

Give an original, magical and playful Advent Calendar!

This year, Theodor innovates one more time with a brand-new New Year or Advent Calendar ! It doesn't introduce any wishes this time, but a selection of several little missions to perform during the day!

Still in a funny and festive mood, these 24 playful tea times are offered to you throughout this original Advent Calendar, designed this time onthe theme 'Paris', like its big brother 2019 Advent Calendar - A stroll along the Seine River.

A pretty gift idea to share starting from the beginning of the Advent time but which can also be slipped under the Christmas tree or given as a present to start 2020 on a high note! Enough to satisfy all lovers of games and discovery, since each of this Tea calendar's teabag is accompanied by a "little mission" to be performed every day when you open your teabag (or later in the day, if you prefer, the most important being to do it!).

A tea advent calendar... but not only!

With the New Year or Advent Calendar, leave it to luck day after day to enjoy a new blend composed of tea, rooibos or a blend of infusion plants and discover the little 'mission' of the moment written on the teabag. According to what it requires, it can be perfomed to a loved one, a neighbor, a colleague or an acquaintance, or even to a perfect stranger! The most important remaining to have fun, to share, and to stay in the playful and unique spirit of th calendar.

A delicious gift idea for Christmas to place under your Christmas tree in order to treat someone before January. The New Year Calendar combines passion for tea and little missions, which makes it the perfect gift and a playful way to present your greetings for the New Year.