Tea to lavish happiness on her!

On 22 May 2019

Pretty tea gift sets for a happy mommy!

For Mother's Day, give her lots of pleasures with a tea gift set! There is nothing like it to allow her to discover new flavors, to offer her a new journey of the senses through every tea times that she can choose to enjoy by herself or with her loved ones, according to her mood.

Through their design with great refinement, "La Tête en l'air" and " Les Pieds sur Terre" gift sets of 50 individual teabags will be the perfect gift idea to make her happy. They each contain a different assortment of teas and infusions, to be enjoyed according to her mood and her tea times... and above all to be taken out anywhere!

Without forgetting THEODOR's Parisian gift sets of curiosities, each containing four different blends on the theme of one "Essence" to lavish your taste buds as much as your eyes with an elegant and unique design. So, are you going to give her some "Gallantry" as a present? Or maybe some "Greediness", "Laziness", "Boldness" or even "Caprice"?

Prepare an unforgettable day for Mother's Day!

Why not offering her a day one to herself, simply to relax and enjoy? Of course you will need to well plan ahead which activities she will like best to accompany your gift. This can only make her even happier...

For this, let's think about it carefully or (discreetly) investigate a little in order to find out what she will like. It will depend on her tastes and preferences, this could be a day at the spa, a little getaway outside the city, a shopping spree (and don't forget to make a stop at Theodor tea shop located at 27 rue des Sablons, in Paris, for a journey of the senses and particularly to allow her to discover new flavors and new teas...), a day with family or even an activity she always dreamt of doing... so many possibilities!

And to make this day unique, don't hesitate to prepare a pretty homemade cake or delicious homemade pastries for her!
A delicate vanilla cream flavored with 'Perseus' and its notes of bergamot and yuzu, pretty choux buns with 'Rendez-vous' tea's flavors of red fruits and grapefruit, or even a light panna cotta flavored with 'Mélange Ô'... So, for which of these sweet treats are you going to succomb?

See you on the tea blog, 'Tea recipes' section to concoct the greediest and most unforgettable dessert or snack that will brighten up this Mother's Day!