Make the perfect gift to Mommy…

On 02 May 2019

For Mother's Day, make a beautiful gift to her with tea in individual teabags

How can you make the one you love so much happy, the one who pampered you so much over the years? There is nothing like showering her with delicious cups of tea that she can allow herself at any time, alone or with her loved ones, friends, to enjoy a journey of the senses...

What if you surprised her with some tea delicately contained inside pretty colored and unique individual teabags! It is the perfect size for mummys who are always in a hurry or moving. They can then carry their favorite blend everywhere with them and enjoy it easily in a few minutes only. How?

    1. Mommy heats up the water
    2. Mommy brews her teabag (according to her liking)
    3. Mommy allows herself a happy moment for tea time!

Which teas or infusions will make her happy?

But what to chose among the blends existing in boxes of 25 precious teabags? In order to make her happy without fail, the inescapable 'Jardin de maman' was especially created for her and for all of those who would like to fall back into childhood through fruity flavors, between apple, strawberry, with a touch of hibiscus. And in addition to that, this flavored infusion is also presented in boxes of 25 precious teabags to accompany your mommy everywhere she goes! A must-have!

To continue with greedy notes, there is nothing like a 'Pêché Mignon' green tea, both surprising and fruity to accompany her spring afternoon, that she can also chose to enjoy in iced tea version during the warm days... Enough to provide her with beautiful tea times whatever the season.

Or why not a black tea with exotic flavors of vanilla for an unforgettable journey of the senses? All mothers deserve to always have a daily sweet touch, so don't hesitate to give her lots of tea times with bewitching and warm notes, worthy of a stopover on an exotic island...

Mothers who enjoy plain teas and delicate notes will be pleased with an 'O. Bancha Arashiyama' coming straight from Japan to provide them with a green tea with iodic notes, filled with Japanese refinement. Perfect as a morning tea to start the day on cloud nine.

For those dreaming of theine-free cups to be savored in the evening, before going to bed for an optimal sleep, they will love 'Tilleul Menthe' and its light refreshing notes. Perfect to have a relaxing moment on any occasion.

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