Enjoy the tea chocolate combination

On 15 April 2019

'Célébration': the Easter black tea to share

Only a few days left before the egg hunt starts, so let's start the preparations! Finish your shopping for the meal preparation, put the finishing touches on the dessert recipe (chocolate-flavored, of course) and double check that the sweets are well hidden in order to keep all the suspense and the surprise until the end for the children.

Without forgetting to plan the legendary Easter tea time, that adults will enjoy while children are looking for the precious treasures throughout the garden... So let's count the right numbers of teacups, get the pretty teapot out of the cupboard, and you will just need to heat the water when the moment comes.
For the occasion, there is nothing like an Easter tea, a 'Célébration' especially created to satisfy taste buds with greedy notes, even its name already evokes wonderful moments to us... This black tea is a creation signed THEODOR, with smooth and creamy flavors in your mouth.

After all, children are not the only ones who have the right to their greedy and sweet moment. At each mouthful of this flavored black tea, if you close your eyes, your senses will be carried away and will almost recognize like a taste of hazelnut, even a touch of vanilla, which is not unpleasant. the perfect cup to fully enjoy this moment shared with your loved ones, but without the calories (like with chocolate...).

Tea and chocolate for the greediest palates

Who said that you had to deprive yourself from savoring your little piece of chocolate when enjoying your cup of tea? All the more so as tea and chocolate combination can lead to (very) beautiful gustatory discoveries... Let us tell you a little more.

Lovers of dark chocolate, there is nothing like a Yunnan tea (such as for instance the 'Grand Yunnan Impérial G.F.O.P.) to appreciate all the subtelty and intensity at each mouthful. White teas are also a very good match to dark chocolate and adding a cool note, nice to your taste buds. In this case, opt for a 'J.E. Yin Zhen' tea or a 'Baï Mu Tan' to fully enjoy this tea-chocolate combination.
And just for a nice change, we can only recommend a mint green tea to accompany your piece of dark chocolate.

For sweeter palates, white chocolate is ideally combined with plain oolong teas (such as Dong Ding tea or Tie Guan Yin tea) but also with citrus flavored teas (like 'Cours Mirabeau' filled with freshness and vitamin notes, 'October Revelation' rich in citrus and fruity flavors just like a traditional "Russian tea", or even 'Petite Ourse' with flavors of mandarin and ginger). Without forgetting '1842, 29 août' flavored tea and its delicate notes of orange blossom and rose which will please all taste buds for a light and greedy moment.

And in order to enjoy your milk chocolate to the fullest, there is nothing like a Japanese green tea such as 'O. Bancha Arashiyama', or even a little cup of 'Genmaïcha'! This Japanese tea presents atypical notes in your mouth, filled with refinement, reminding you of roasted notes and flavors of puffed rice, offering a delicious combination.

Anyway, these are only some suggestions, of course the best tea and chocolate combination will be yours, after you make several tastings. And if there is too much choice for you, or that simply you had  a desire to drink your favorite Earl Grey tea, know that it will go perfectly with a little chocolate or a sweet on any occasion!