Easter Tea time: Between greediness and lightness

On 01 April 2019

A tea for Easter: Greediness without the calories

Easter is the time for each and everyone to fall back into childhood, to allow themselves to be carried away by the greediness of delicious sweets and chocolates eyeing us up from their hiding spot. So let's happily organize a little egg hunt in order to have a lovely time with the whole family, and everyone plays along, adults like children.
Also take advantage of it to share beautiful flavors, to discover new ones or to allow others to discover them, so don't forget to prepare your teapot for this occasion!

And there is a large choice, some will choose their favorite tea (of course, everyone has to like it since I adore it...), others will prefer light and cool flavors with the warm days approaching (such as a 'Coïncidence Green' with delicious notes of exotic fruits, transporting your taste buds to golden sand beaches as from the first mouthful...), but you have to admit that there is nothing like a cup with intense and greedy flavors to fully enjoy this day. After all, a cup of tea is simply a way to allow yourself all the pleasure to enjoy the flavors but without the calories, so why do without it? For that matter, it will be more than welcome while children are savoring their found chocolates...

Flavored teas for a successful Easter tea time!

In order to enjoy this moment shared with family to the fullest and for the greedy ones' greatest pleasure, THEODOR imagined blends composed on intense, buttered and surprising flavors, enough to amaze all taste buds for tea time!

Among them, the famous 'Thé du Loup', which was the Impertinent Parisian's first creation for THEODOR House, is the Easter tea par excellence to be shared on this very special tea time. This black tea delicately flavored with buttered notes, chocolate ones and even roasted hazelnut ones with a touch of vanilla, has already won many palates over, and will be perfect to end your Easter meal on a pretty greedy note.

'Célébration' tea is also a must on this occasion with its flavors of hazelnut, its creamy and vanilla notes, the whole on a black tea base. But why not adding a spicy touch with a cup of 'Phoenix'? This blend created for the Tea house's special 'Some among us are contemplating the stars' collection next to 'Perseus' and 'Petite Ourse' will suprise you by its sweetness, through notes of chocolate, almond, and still with a little spicy touch combined with the green maté-black tea blend making it very original. For a cup with greediness and sweetness following the egg hunt.

Without forgetting other inescapable creations such as 'Je t'aime' to share the pleasure of macaron flavors for tea time, or a 'J.E. Milky Oolong' with round and buttered notes in your mouth, or even 'Tribute' reminding you of almond, chocolate, buttered notes, which is the perfect mixture for this occasion!