'Fuji' tea spread (Matcha Yuzu-white chocolate)

On 18 March 2019
Pancakes and tea spread for a snack
Tea spread and matcha pancakes

For 1 jar (300-350g marmelade jar for instance)


180g dessert white chocolate
12cl whole liquid cream
Around 8g 'Matcha-Yuzu' (2 small teaspoons / ideally Matcha spoons)
Zest of 1 organic lime


In a cooking pan (ideally in a bain-marie), pour the cream into a stainless steel bowl and bring it to a boil. While whisking it by hand, add 2 to 3 small teaspoons of 'Matcha-Yuzu' green tea to it, don't stop whisking the cream. 
On a low heat, gently add the white chocolate cut into pieces beforehand. Add the zests of organic lime to the pastry.
Stir well until all the chocolate is well melted, until the pastry becomes smooth and regular. Pour into a jar (a glass or a clay jar, ideally the size of a marmelade jar) the whole pastry and put in in the fridge for a few hours at least.
Remove it from the fridge some time before tasting it... and enjoy it on delicious pancakes, crêpes or simply on your slices of bread!

THEODOR tea spread recipe
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