Infuse happiness with a plain tea

On 25 February 2019
[] Thés du Japon, thés de Chines...

Travel with elegance through a cup of plain tea

For more than 15 years now, THEODOR tea house has been doing its best to always offer the best of tea to its tea lovers, and with this in mind, the Impertinent Parisian, who is the House's official tea taster, regularly travels the world looking for the best plantations.
So he puts his traveler's outfit on and takes off to select the tea leaves which will later flavor and embellish your morning or afternoon tea times.

From Ceylon to Darjeeling, through Nara, Kyoto or even Yunnan, Hunan and other far-away countries, he comes back to us every time with a heavy suitcase filled with gems. Unfortunately, we cannot follow him for each and every one of his adventures, but fortunately, it is always possible to taste some of them through a little cup of tea!

Yes, it's indeed a real journey of the senses that is offered to you through each and every tea time, for unique moments filled with elegance, by far the best way to go off to discover these tea leaves preciously contained inside THEODOR's pretty grey tins...

A tea universe to go off to discover the most beautiful plantations

The House's plain tea universe is overflowing with treasures to be discovered, and no worries, there is something to suit every taste and every palate! Lovers of Chinese tea will be happy to savor their 'Pu Erh Millésimé', or maybe a 'Great Hunan', a Keemun tea or even a yellow tea.

For lovers of Japanese tea, no need to panic, the tea house is offering you a large range of flavors to discover; between Sencha tea, Bancha tea, stem tea or matcha tea; each and every cup is unique and carries your taste buds through vegetal tea times and with great lightness to the Land of the Rising Sun.

And the tea lovers looking for atypical notes will not be left out inside this universe. They will then be able to surprise their palate with a smoked tea (such as the 'Lapsang Souchong' or 'L.S. Crocodile'), a pressed tea or even a Genmaïcha tea (with light notes of puffed rice), a Milky Oolong (with natural buttered and milky flavors), or even a white tea with very light and special notes (such as the J.E. Yin Zhen's or the Y.Z. White Snow Spiral's).

Without forgetting the famous tea blends, making tea lovers happy through a morning or an afternoon tea; such as a 'Victoria's breakfast' (for a breakfast with the Queen...), a 'Parisian breakfast' (for a Parisian-style tea time), or even a 'Strong Breakfast' (for a full-bodied and intense waking)...

A THEODOR tea universe to be discovered and rediscovered to your heart's content, for unique morning tea times or tea breaks during the day, on the theme of travel and elegance.