New packaging for 'Scandale' tea

On 18 January 2019

A Pu Er tea to cause a 'Scandale'...

Cinnamon tea is already among great tea classics and you can even find it in the composition of Christmas teas, through which it is so often loved and made sublime.

But some would say that blending Pu er and cinnamon... would be scandalous! THEODOR showed impertinence once again through' Scandale' tea to offer its tea lovers a unique and original creation, as it combines a Pu Er tea's health benefits with flavors of cinnamon, this tasty spice adding a touch of smoothness, roundness, making it even more endearing.

This flavored Pu Er tea offer a detox cup, perfect for breakfast or during the day, all the more so as Pu er tea is renowned for its benefits on cholesterol, making it the perfect morning tea!

The notes of cinnamon expressed fully in your mouth are accompanied by intense and spicy notes and satisfy your taste buds throughout the tasting.

The combination of Pu Er tea with cinnamon now in individual teabags!

This bewitching and original creation signed THEODOR has been offered to you in loose tea for a few years already, inside its pretty black tin or in 100g or 200g Parisian bags, and many among you have been asking us for the "precious teabags" packing, in order to be able to savor and carry this delicious blend anywhere and at any time.

Well, tea lovers, great lovers of Pu Erh tea, of notes of cinnamon and warm cups on any occasion, THEODOR did it! 'Scandale' tea is now also available in box of 25 individual precious teabags, for even more tea times, more sharing and more pleasure! You can simply take it anywhere, to your workplace, during your holidays or even when traveling, they will be slipped very easily inside your luggage without taking much room!

Discover 'Scandale' in precious teabags now on Theodor tea online shop!