Matcha yuzu : treat yourself with a revitalizing cup

On 01 February 2019

One cup of tea for a sweet touch, a zest of happiness...

At THEODOR, Valentine's Day is not only for lovers, it's also an occasion for each and everyone to treat themselves through little selfish tea breaks! Especially as winter has decided to extend a little more and is encouraging us to enjoy cocooning moments. For this, there is nothing like a cup of tea, perfect to allow your taste buds to travel and to take care of yourself.

Green tea, black tea, white tea or even rooibos, fruit infusion, and even plain tea or herbal tea, each and everyone has their favorites, the most important is to enjoy the present moment and to treat yourself during these privileged moments.

Allow yourself a detox cup with a yuzu-flavored matcha tea!

However, it is true that while waiting for the warmer days, we would definitely need a little dose of vitamin, an additional boost to embellish your days. We propose to add a zest of happiness to your daily life and this by savoring blends with citrus fruits notes to start the year on a high note, and to allow yourself a moment of wellness through a cup with citrus flavors, and this especially around yuzu, this citrus fruit coming from Asia which doesn't fail to surprise our palates.

What if you treated yourself with a brand-new creation by THEODOR... the new Matcha-Yuzu! A matcha tea from Japan, flavored in Japan with delicate notes of yuzu to allow yourself a wonderful detox cup.

Matcha yuzu: the perfect gift for lovers of tea time and cooking

A new creation with great finesse and refinement, to the image of its origin country, Japan, a THEODOR exclusivity which was especially created on request for the tea house.

It will be the perfect gift for lovers of this Japanese tea, who will love the subtle flavors coming out of it when they prepare it inside their Raku, using the famous Chasen, or matcha whisk and the Chasaku, or matcha spoon. All the more so as it is well-knowned for its health benefits, such as its vitamin C and antioxidants, it is the perfect ally for your moments of wellness.

Lovers of matcha will tell you, this matcha yuzu is the perfect tea to allow yourself an energizing and detox cup, but also for cooking and pastry lovers as it can be perfectly used in your culinary preparations, sweet as much as savory ones, in order to add its little vegetal and original touch.

Composed on a base of superior quality 'usucha matcha', it is offered to you in the form of a powdered tea inside its 25g tea bag, that is to say the perfect quantity to keep it fresh and also for your cooking, such as for instance little tea shortbread biscuits or tea cookies (as you usually need between 8 to 10g for them).

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