The 2018 New Year or Advent calendar

On 02 November 2018

For 24 days of tea and pure happiness!

New concept of tea advant calendar - THEODOR

For a second and even more magical edition, discover the new 2018 New Year or Advent calendar by THEODOR!

This brand-new concept of calendar without any boxes nor numbers had litteraly bewitched you last year, as an advent calendar as much as a gift idea to slip under your Christmas tree to satisfy all taste buds, and it's coming back this year for your greatest pleasure!

Succomb as of now to this new 2018 edition, like its big brother the tea Advent calendar - A Russian Christmas, it was designed on the theme of Slav great steppes and Russia. So this beautiful design inspired by Khokhloma, this typical pattern with magical and festive colors is offered to you and contains 24 teabags (or infusion), to be discovered and shared at any time.

A tea calendar for 24 days of tea, but not only!
Every day, by drawing your teabag randomly, you will also discover one wish, that you will have to preciously write down on the little card attached inside. You will have to wait until the end to proceed to the counting and discover what the future holds for you very soon... A pretty way to end or to start the year, to share wonderful tea times during the Holidays, but also to release lots of small pleasures all around you, indeed, some say it is the perfect gift...

24 teabags and wishes - THEODOR

The tea advent calendar, THE perfect affordable gift

A calendar that you can start on December 1st, but not necessarily... (Some may choose to succomb as soon as they receive it, who knows...). Either it is before Advent time, or even after Christmas, to start the new Year on a high note, it will provide you with unique tea times during 24 delicious days...

This tasty assortment of 24 teabags will be the perfect gift idea for the Holidays, that your loved ones are going to love and start as from January, just to extend this festive and magical spirit a little more...

A tea advent calendar for small budget but it is not less rich in small pleasure and in discoveries! For only 20€, it offers 24 days of tea and infusions through a new selection of blends and will be perfect to be slipped under your Christmas tree on D-Day to please all of your guests' taste buds (and eyes).