Flashback to THEODOR's 2017 Tea Advent Calendar...

On 28 September 2018

… to wait patiently for the new one!

THEODOR tea advent calendar

Many among you succombed to THEODOR's 2017 Tea Advent Calendar, which was by the way victim of its own success within only a few days!

You remember all the magic as if it was yesterday, giving rythm to your winter days during 2017 Advent time... Every day of December with a delicious box to open, behind which you had the pleasure to discover a blend with a tea base or a rooibos one or even an herbal tea one (or a surprise only THEODOR knows how to make).

Remember THEODOR's 2017 tea advent calendar edition, which had been especially and exclusively designed by Japanese renowned artist and illustrator TAROUT, who allowed you to enter lucky bunny Lunny's delicious universe where he was accompanied by its new friends Lonely Granny, Glutton boy the greedy boy, Exotic Lady from islands and Quiet girl the shy girl. Together they shared and offered you to share unforgettable tea times also with your loved ones throughout Christmas season.

Teas, surprises, discoveries, let's remember 2017 calendar

Day after day, you were able to discover the new 'Laponic' Christmas teas inside your tea calendar, with original and unseen flavors, but inescapable creations signed THEODOR as well, among which one special that you discovered in premiere, a delicate fruit infusion with greedy and fruity notes that you all certainly adored!

Without forgetting the discovery of a sumptuous Darjeeling G.F.O.P. tea or a bancha Japanese green tea with great finesse for morning tea times, but also flavored notes to be enjoyed at any time, such as an intense mint green tea, a greedy black tea with macaron, red fruits ones, or even chocolate (THEODOR's very first creation imagined for lovers of sweets, and without the calories!), or even fruit infusions to be shared with your family, green teas with floral, fruity, light or surprising notes... A whirl of flavors that you took pleasure in discovering day after day, cup after cup.

A tea advent calendar which also gave you beautiful little (and big) surprises; a pretty bauble to hang to your Christmas tree, a clever little accessory to accompany your teabags during your tastings, but as well an adorable little teddy bear key holder (Thank you little Teddy, thanks to you we don't lose our keys anymore!).

After your Christmas tree, your tea time, your keys... we had really thought of everything with a matcha chocolate Christmas yule Log to amaze your guests on Christmas eve and to carry their taste buds to Japanese countries! And we had even slipped a bag preciously containing the key ingredient to this recipe: matcha tea.

We don't know what you think, but we are very looking forward to the release of THEODOR brand-new 2018 tea advent calendar!