THEODOR's new tea stand: Made-in-France tea in Japan

On 24 September 2018

THEODOR and Parisian excellence through its latest tea counter

From Paris; city of romantism, gastronomy, art... to Seoul; metropolis of technology, wonderful palaces, pop culture... through México; warm capital city, rocked by Latin culture, unique architecture...; THEODOR is already well settled all around the world for tea lovers' greatest pleasure, and especially those of unique and original tea creations. And it's not over yet, in order to complete this adventure, the tea House is going to settle down (litterally) in Japan on next October 5th, even if it has already been there for more than 12 years now.

Through its brand-new Tea-stand, THEODOR will welcome all lovers of refinement, of little breaks but above all of great exceptional teas; it doesn't matter if they are looking for sweetness, fruity notes, or even exotic or spicy flavors through flavored creations, black or green teas, infusions, herbal teas...

All connoisseurs will also find what they are looking for there, according to their mood of the moment, either it is a greedy break or why not a theine-free one, with a delicious 'Jardin de maman' fruit infusion, or a 'Joie de vivre', or even a detox moment with a fruit or jasmine flavored green tea, or even when looking for teas that are more specific to what the palate requires, such as a sumptuous oolong tea, a Pu Er with character or even a plain Japanese green tea for cup filled with freshness, and even a white tea with light and subtle notes.

To sum up, this new tea concept-store will be a place for discoveries, pleasure, relaxation, delights and especially sharing, the whole with the know-how and excellence that THEODOR tea house has been releasing for more than 15 years now through its creations, that is to say everything that we love to rediscover for our tea times!

A future inescapable tea shop in Japan

Without actually being positioned on the same area of the existing counterpart in the coffee world, this counter was nevertheless developed on the same idea, that is to say to highlight the value of tea and its promotion, this millenial beverage with one thousand of faces that we rediscover in our daily life, giving rythm to our days through delicious flavors and pretty colors, and this through creative, modern codes to satisfy but mainly to surprise all palates, while adapting to new generations' current desires who have already elected tea as one of their favorite beverages.

The Tea Stand was designed to be a place for gustatory pleasures, addressing all generations, whatever the needs, whatever the desires and tastes, and this by remaing true to the ethics and values conveyed by the Parisian tea house, moved by excellence, quality, "made-in France".

A Tea stand giving way to its consumers' needs, in a to-go aspect that is very appreciated by working population for lunch in transports, little breaks during working hours or simply for a little pleasure to take out at any time; as much as for those who are looking for a place for relaxation, to breathe, where they can gladly take a seat and enjoy a cup of tea to chill out after buying the groceries, between two shops during a shopping day or even during a working day to allow yourself a little cup of happiness.

We know it well, Japanese rythm and working conditions are well-knowned to be rather tough and intense compared to those in our Western societies, tea break is then always welcome, it is a pretty way to chill out and to let your spirit escape a little, even if it is only for a few minutes.

See you on October 5th 2018 in Osaka to discover this new place for tea pleasures, the tea shop that will certainly become and inescapable one in the tea world in Japan, and which by the way is already making a lot of noise on Japanese market, even before its opening!

Of course, for travellers and those who will not be able to go there on the occasion of this new address' big opening, they will be able to discover it throughout the year when they want, an address to absolutely keep on your list for all of you stays in the Land of the Rising Sun!