THEODOR teas: Making France shine abroad

On 18 September 2018

- Opening of a brand-new kind of tea room -

THEODOR decided to test its brand-new 'Tea stand' pilot project in Japan, country of modernism and traditions, and the House hopes to see it adapted throughout the world afterwards.

THEODOR Japon is indeed opening a brand-new concept of 'tea room' in order to meet the new patterns of consumption of new generations, continuying to promote the famous one-thousand-year-old beverage.

Already 12 years that THEODOR tea house is making Paris sublime in Japan

The success of the Impertinent Parisian's tea creations in Japan doesn't need any more proof, with more than 12 years of presence of the brand and its teas in the Land of the Rising Sun. Ambassador of a unique know-how, combining thousand-year-old traditions and contemporary tea, respecting this popular beverage's culture and codes of excellence, THEODOR has always cared to be the standard-bearer of a cup that goes more with humanity than withdrawal into yourself.

After more than 12 years of establishment within the most selective archipelago in the world, 12 years spent to understand tea, to study Japanese-style tea culture, to be in contact with its farmers and its agriculture;

After more than 12 years spent to go to meet Japanese people themselves, to share tea times with them, to exchange with the different generations in order to better understand their desires, their expectations and their pleasures, and they often don't share the same approaches of our world;

After more than 12 years of trust on Japanese market, with many feedback from consumers and new tea lovers, but also these years of presence and participation on the occasion of great and exceptional events;

After more than 12 years of cooperations combining tea to the greatest names in the world of fashion (such as "l'Éclaireur", "Paul Smith"...), also in the one of luxury (Tarout, "Barney's New York"...), or even the one of gastronomy ("H&M Studio", "Elle Café"...) and even the cultural universe supporting French cinema abroad;

It's very naturally that THEODOR house chose Japan, and more precisely Osaka, for its new Tea Concept Store. Indeed the new tea store will open there, within one of the largest business and port town in Japan, located on Honshū island. 

Osaka & THEODOR teas: between pleasure, discovery and excellence

So, it is indeed in the heart of Osaka, renowned for its cultural and night life, but also for its high building architecture, a modern one, built towards the sky, also worldwide renowed for its high quality street food, for its castle, its harbour, its parks and gardens with wonderful cherry blossoms... that THEODOR Japan is going to welcome all tea lovers and fans of exceptional teas for their little relaxing breaks (or for a pretty discovery) as from next October 5th.

The perfect location for this store signed by THEODOR, easily accessible, only 60km away from Kyoto and 3h30 away from Tokyo capital city by Shinkansen (Japanese fast train)...

… there, at the heart of Japanese culture, at the edge of the Pacific ocean, in the land of finesse, elegance, where the teas are renowned as the best in the world (where you can go off to discover tea through an infinite sensorial journey between the best crus of Japanese green teas, such as a refined 'Gyokuro', an original and not less amazing powedered tea like a sublime 'matcha', or even the discovery of a more popular tea, not unpleasant, such as a simple 'bancha' that THEODOR will recommend roasted to you in a 'Baisen-cha' version for instance...).

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