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On 09 December 2016

In the course of the years and its experience, THEODOR house couldn't help but notice that a certain amount of people who liked tea didn't necessary dare to enter an institution, a shop, a tea house, probably fearing that they didn't know enough about it in front of the sales assistant. That is why THEODOR wanted to be aimed at all of these tea lovers in order to allow them to assert themselves, to be happy, fulfilled and to continue to discover the tea world without feeling judged.

The House then wanted to open a tea counter for everybody, where each and everyone has the possibility to buy tea by staying anonymous if they want to, without needing to justify themselves with any experience or any special knowledge. Simply to offer a tea house where you can feel free to enjoy the blend of your choice, to pick new flavors, or even to only drink the one tea your like, to ask questions, to ask for advice and even to share your comments, your experiences... A place for discovery but also for exchange, sharing, pleasure.

THEODOR tea online shop

With this in mind THEODOR opened its online tea shop, on which you will rediscover its whole range of teas, infusions and herbal teas. Indeed it seems that e-commerce is becoming more of a reflex nowadays and it tends to replace traditional trade, inside a physical shop, more and more. If you could think that digital world can sometimes display a rather 'cold' aspect for some, it also gives this reassuring feeling to others, a place where you can browse among different products from behind your screen, to take the time to discover, to choose (and even to make mistakes) without anyone watching or judging for instance because you "don't drink the right tea".

Through its online shop, the House made the wish to always offer the most humanized experience to its customers, it takes place through a made-to-measure tea website bearing the brand's colors and universe, little comments accompanying the visitor through every step of their browsing, but also many little attentions to the customers through their parcels and throughout the year. Without forgetting that it is always possible to ask for advice, to be accompanied to place your order (or simply to chat a little) by contacting the customer service by email ( or by phone at +33 (0)1 34 77 85 85.

Buy tea from France or from abroad

The tea shop is intended to all kind of tea lover, either you are a lover of flavored tea, plain tea, theine-free infusions, or even Earl Grey tea, there is a multitude of blends to satisfy all kinds of palates and all expectations. An international tea website, which was also the very first one to offer free shipping on sending to foreign countries, starting from 95€ worth of purchase to the European Union and from 150€ worth of purchase to other destinations.

Are you looking for tea in Belgium, Canada, Autralia, Mexico... or elsewhere? THEODOR House is also present throughout the world, through different points of sale, but you will also have the pleasure to rediscover your favorite teas on the different websites: , ,

On, enjoy shipping everywhere in the world and free shipping starting from 40€ worth of purchase incl. VAT  for all orders shipped to metropolitan France.