When tea goes with return from the summer holidays...

On 24 August 2018

... and THEODOR with pleasure!

Summer is coming to an end and already promises the start of fall, as well as its wonderful colors. A real invitation to make new encounters, to go off to discover new warm flavors, greedy ones, roasted notes or even cocoa flavors such as in the famous 'Thé du Loup' signed by THEODOR, the very first creation by the House. For those who would simply want to extend the holidays, just a little, it may also be the pleasure to rediscover spicy notes, as the one of a 'Bollywood Chaïpur' chai tea, or even the more vanilla-flavored notes of a 'Travel to India' tea, Indian teas carrying your taste buds at every cup.

The teaching profession will tell you, 'My tea break is sacred'!

Either you are a teacher, a primary school teacher, or an assistant and even a principal, each and every appreciates to enjoy a little cup of tea for the return of the summer holidays between classes or while your dear students are completing a surprise test... We also notice that on university campus, more and more students don't miss their morning 'tea break'. And in addition to give delicious flavors to their taste buds, they take advantage of it to share their class notes (and also the last gossip about the newcomer...). To sum up, everyone likes to gather around a little cup of tea, an occasion to allow yourself a little well-deserved break and a beautiful moment of escape.

Flavored teas to accompany your days

Great lovers of Earl Grey tea know it, it is always appreciable to rediscover the warmth of bergamot notes, that some say are so comforting and bewitching, and they will be even more delighted to discover the different blends imagined by THEODOR on different moods, differents bases; from black to white tea, through green tea or even red rooibos... There is an Earl Grey to suit every palate! For more adventurous taste buds, we choose a black tea combined with notes of yuzu and plum, a revelation released in premiere a few years ago already, but whose success doesn't stop to be confirmed day after day. Through these creations, the House offers you creative and original combinations in order to make a nice change for tea time, while keeping the pleasure of enjoying bergamot flavors.

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