A tea gift for the teacher

On 04 June 2018

Are you looking for the perfect gift to say ‘thank you teacher’ to the one who has been accompanying your kid and took good care of them during this 2017-2018 school year? Make them happy with a delicious tea or an infusion that they will enjoy during their vacations or starting from the next school year.

Thank the school teacher!

The school year is coming to an end, children like parents are looking forward to plunging into summer time to enjoy moments of relaxation and pleasure after a pretty busy year. But they are not the only ones, as for the teachers, the time has come to put away folders and pencils to keep them in the dry for next September, and to say goodbye to their classrooms for a few weeks. So, in order to wish them wonderful holidays and to thank them for their support and their patience, there is nothing like making them a pretty gift filled with flavors, to accompany their little breaks.

Tea is the beverage for welcoming, exchanging, sharing… notions which are part of your daily life for these teaching professionals who apply them day after day. And in addition to that, this one-thousand-year-old beverage comes in so many different notes to satisfy all lovers! From green tea to black tea through white tea, flavors of spices, flowers, fruits or even greedy infusions, other lighter ones… There is something to suit every taste! Theodor offers you a selection of gift ideas which will definitely please their taste buds.

Gift ideas for the teacher

In order to make him/her happy, choose a safe bets such as an Earl Grey tea or a fruit infusion, or surprise their taste buds with greedy notes, spicy ones or even unseen flavors!

If my child tells me that the teacher rather likes…

  • Greedy flavors: then I make her/him happy with a ‘J’aime’ pretty green tin with notes of strawberry-flavored macaron, or an ‘Acte II’ with intense notes of red fruits or even a ‘Thé du Loup’ black tea flavored with chocolate and hazelnut for intense tea times and cups filled with greediness, without any calories…
  • Flavors to make her/him dream: I surprise them with a delicate ‘Mélange Ô’ flavored black tea with flowery notes, a jasmine green tea or even a ‘Saïgon’ with exotic flavors to allow them to travel during the recess…
  • Tea-free blends: then I make them discover the surprising flavors of ‘Carpe Diem’ reminding of sugared almonds, very fruity flavors with ‘Mélange du Jardin d’Alix’ or even the notes of citrus fruits of the ‘Trahison Byzantine’ rooibos, and the whole through a theine-free blend that they can also enjoy in the evening, after hours spent marking homework…
  • Moments of relaxation, simply: I make them happy with a pretty candle inspired by tea with sweet flavors: notes of mint, citrus fruits or even fruitier or milky ones which are going to be released in their home, inside a pretty glass case. Rediscover all our scented candles!

And to make your teacher the most beautiful gift, don’t forget to check the ‘gift wrapping’ tick-box before confirming your order on www.theodor.fr/en/