Sharing of the fabulous trip to Lapland

On 30 January 2018
THEODOR's teddy bear in Lapland

In 2016, THEODOR house realized its most absolute wish for Christmas... a wish that we materialized for you, by offering you the chance to win a fabulous trip to Santa Claus' country, to Lapland, while opening every day one box from our very first tea advent calendar.
Would you like to know how Nicolas, Elodie, Béatrice and Arnaud won this trip? You will find all the little details on our blog article, 'Win a trip to Lapland with THEODOR', published on this occasion!

The golden pine cone 

Hundreds of pine cones, bitten by Rudolph, were found inside the tea advent calendar but... a few days after Christmas we received a strange call... "We found the golden pine cone!'.
Elodie and Nicolas then told us a wonderful story: "It happened on an evening in December, we were having dinner at two of our friends who had also bought their calendar at the same time at Picorette x Theodor Granville. Béatrice and Arnaud were then showing us that they could already notice an additional box on their calendar, containing a pine cone... thing that we had also noticed but... our pine cone didn't seem to be wearing the same color?!? So we quickly drove back home to have a closer look at this pine cone and... it was GOLDEN, accompanied by a handwritten word of the Impertinent Parisian, congratulating us, and a secret code was also written on the attached card! We could not believe it, we had won a trip to Lapland. We only had to wait until the following day to be able to contact THEODOR house, and everything went very fast...

One week to experience magical moments in Lapland

One year after the discovery of THE golden pine cone, Elodie, Béatrice, Nicolas and Arnaud are on their way to Lapland... Only waiting to discover endless snowy landscapes, frozen lakes, to wander through Santa Claus' village, then to go to meet him, to enjoy a sunset at 03:00pm... Discover the tales and pictures of their wonderful journey!

DAY 1: The big day has come, departure has been annouced - to Loma Vietonen!
Following a few hours of flight, one stopover in Helsinki and a landing in Rovianemi, let's go to a very cosy cabin right in the heart of Finnish immaculate nature. On the thermometer? -19°C for this end of the day.
Roll on tomorrow to discover unexpected landscapes in broad daylight...

Cabin in the heart of Lapland

DAY 2: The most magical wake up... The sun rises late and the night comes very early.

The cabin housing the great winners of this trip is surrounded by trees, trees again, snow and snow again, the only neighbor is nature. It's 10 o'clock, a ride on a sled droven by reindeers is waiting for them! A magical moment to go off to discover exceptional landscapes, animals and people.
At nightfall, a change of scene and means of tranport... Let's go for a snowshoe hike with a headlamp.

THEODOR tea and discovery

DAY 3: A big day is ahead and certainly one of the most wondeful one. Forecast -25°C, but nothing scary for Elodie, Béatrice, Nicolas and Arnaud, who are leaving for a 40 km ride on a snowmobile, to go off to discover elsewhere, just like a lost world, preserved and uninhabited, with landscapes each more wonderful than the others.
3pm, the sun is setting and displays an explosion of colors, a magical moment during their walk in snowshoes.
After a great day, let's have a break and make a little detour at the sauna... 70°C inside, -30°C outside.

Hiking in Lapland - Tea advent calendar

DAY 4: On the program? A 5 hour excursion with sled dogs! "A communion between nature and animals" quotation from Nicolas, simply.

Ride with sled dogs - THEODOR

DAY 5: The discovery of new snowy landscapes during a new excursion on snowmobile with a traditional and authentic stopover for Lapps: fishing on an inced lake, a culture that is very different from ours but magical and our curiosity can only be stirred up. The temperatures are a little higher, with -16°C on the thermometer - It would almost feel hot, wouldn't it?
Final evening in the heart of Loma Vietnen's nature, tomorrow towards Rovaniemi to discover more about the city and Lapp culture.

Fishing on an iced lake

DAY 6: Our great winners have arrived in Rovianiemi, Lapland's capital city. Today, some heat with 0°C on the thermometer, but the forecast is -15°C for tomorrow... Elodie, Béatrice, Nicolas and Arnaud are then discovering a very rectilinear city, composed of sober and very modern buildings, rebuilt after it had been devastated during World war two. And off we go to visit the ARKTIKUM museum, dedicated to Lapp history.

Tea trip in the heart of Lapland

DAY 7: We hit pause, just to enjoy a very beautiful sunrise around 10am on the KEMIJOKI river flowing through Rovianiemi. This trip's long-awaited visit is scheduled for today - so let's go to Santa Claus' village! A place filled with magic, for children but also for adults.
After enjoying the most magical place possible, discovery and visit of the KORUNDI modern arts museum and the PILKE wood museum, enough to well finish this last Finnish day.

Visit of Santa's village

DAY 8: The journey home promises to be difficult, but there is no choice... Béatrice, Elodie, Arnaud and Nicolas are experiencing their last Lapp moments before taking off, with the head filled with memories, encounters and wonderful landscapes.

After Lapland, Japan

2017, because we knew in advance that some among you would experience a magical trip to Santa's country, we wanted to give you a new chance to win a wonderful journey thanks to our advent calendar - special 15th anniversary edition, but this time, towards a tea country... towards Japan! Another culture just as wonderful to be discovered is waiting for the Japonic tea advent calendar's great winners. To be continued...