How to find the perfect Valentine's gift?

On 29 January 2018

In order to make your beloved happy on the occasion of Valentine's Day, THEODOR selected for you tea gift sets filled with refinement and sweetness.

Give a pretty tea gift set

For all lovers, or even to allow them to discover the pleasure of its tasting, the tea universe is large enough to satisfy all kinds of palates and every desire.

To find the gift that is going to make him/her happy, think about her/his profile, her/his preferences, what he/she likes... After all, as his/her everyday partner, you are the most well placed person to know all of these little details! And as we want to make sure that you are going to shower your soul mate with happiness on this very special day, we give you a little help:

Our loose tea gift sets: for those who appreciate the moment of tea time, like a real moment of sharing and relaxation, who enjoy to take a few well deserved minutes to savor a little cup with friends or family... or those who only ask to discover other tea universes, THEODOR's gift sets of curiosities each contain four different loose blends inside glass vials; one flavored black tea, one flavored green tea, one flavored infusion and one plain tea, the whole gathered inside one beautiful case.

  • Gift set - Utopia: for dreamers, lovers of notes rather exotic, spicy, carrying your taste buds towards new lands... from the spices black tea to the fruit infusion, through a Ceylon tea and a mint-bergamot green tea...
  • Gift set - Pretentiousness: four blends for lovers of sweet and fruit notes without any calorie! To treat yourself at each cup; a wonderful excellence tea - Yin Zhen white tea, a red fruit green tea, an exotic fruit rooibos and a chocolate hazelnut-flavored black tea, with great greediness...
  • Gift set - Caprice: for the most demanding taste buds, looking for fruity notes for warm moments, give them a sweet fruit infusion together with an exotic green tea, a 'Russian taste' black tea and an Assam tea...
  • Or even the Laziness, Boldness, Gallantry gift sets, with notes filled with vitamins, citrus fruits or even pastry-like, there is something to suit all tastes!

Our tea assormtent gift sets: for those who like the individual teabag, to be carried with them everywhere in order to savor their favorite tea, whose leaves have the same quality as those savored in loose, at the office, in holidays or elsewhere, these overwrapped teabag gift sets are the perfect gift to make to you beloved for this 2018 Valentine's Day.

  • Gift set - 'La Tête en l'air': 50 overwrapped individual teabags inside a pretty gift set to make lovers of suprising, original and greedy notes happy, for doses of pleasure to take out!
  • Gift set - ' Les Pieds sur terre': lovers of rather classic notes will find themselves through these 50 overwrapped individual teabags; between an Earl Grey tea, a fruit infusion or a Nanah mint green tea, or even a Darjeeling tea, the great tea classics are not lacking to spread happiness in teabags!

Whatever it be, it doesn't matter which gift set you choose, you will be certain to make your beloved happy by giving tea to her/him. After all, tea remains the beverage of welcome, sharing and pleasure...

Rediscover all our tea gift and gift sets for Valentine's Day!