'Milky Oolong' : an exceptional oolong tea

On 23 September 2016

Very appreciated by tea lovers, this oolong tea offers very special notes, making it simply unique and we cannot get tired of it...

Ideally brewed into a 75°C (167°F) water during 3 to 6 minutes depending on your tastes and palates, this green tea take its name from the naturally round and milky notes it offers during its tasting. This flavors are characteristic to it and indeed natural and that is what makes it so special.

It appears at the top of great oolong lovers' favorite tea list, very certainly next to great origin teas such as Ding Dong tea, Tie Guan Yin tea or even the Dan Cong Feng Huang tea, but also flavored blends with a oolong tea base, like the famous 'J.C. Absolu Oolong' signed by THEODOR, flavored with notes of peach, pear and lotus.

The little story behind THEODOR's Oolong Milky tea

It is a true pleasure to discover and rediscover this loose tea at each opening of your tea tin or tea bag. Why? Its shape is so special with small leaves you would think where carved, pearl-shaped, and whose surprising perfumes are deliciously released.

A tea that is one of a kind, preciously selected by the House's tea taster when he travelled to Fujian province in China. Since then, many tea lovers have given in to its naturally buttered and milky notes, but what we don't know is how this Oolong Milky became that delicious.

Some say that after selecting this garden, the Impertinent Parisian would have received a few samples when he returned to French capital city, but it turned out there was a mistake in the manufacturing process which changed the taste. A mistake making of this oolong tea a true Grand Cru that is very appreciated, so they had to perfectly master this 'mistake' to be able to make it identically in order to satisfy all lof its lovers, who became addict very quickly. Only the tea master knows from which gardens it comes from, which is why THEODOR' Milky oolong is unique and its secret is well-kept...

This Grand Cru would be himself a definition of excellence, of what tea is through its own history... of the fact that an exceptional tea is born form earth, man and the sky. And for those who wouldn't be convinced yet, you just need to taste it to make sure of it.

So, what about savoring a Chinese Oolong tea with notes naturally milky?