THEODOR's tea universes

On 15 September 2016

How to choose the perfect tea facing all of these choices, these origins, these flavors, these blends which are so different from one another? THEODOR tea house introduces its 'tea universes' to you, specially designed to enable both connoisseurs and tea lovers to find what they are looking for depending on the base they are looking for and their desire of the moment.

Plain and flavored teas for all kinds of lovers

Tea lovers, simply curious, fine connoisseurs, parents, co-workers, friends, without forgetting grandma... tea is passion but also the beverage for welcome, sharing, that has been pleasing everyone for millenia. It is also a beverage with a thousand of face and it is not always easy to find what will suit your palate.

To make things easier, THEODOR classified its teas into 'universes', including three ones that are entirely dedicated to blends with a tea base and it is very simple to identify the universe the blend you are looking for belongs to thanks to a pretty and logical color code.

  • Flavored black teas: which can be identified by the black color that is present throught this universe's tea tins, but also present on all of its packings. This tea category gathers the Impertinent Parisian's creations with a black tea base and adorned with delicious flavors; greedy teas, sometimes spicy, or rather fruity and floral... Stays now to be able to choose among all of these delights!
  • Flavored green teas: easily recognizable with the green color we find on all sizes of packing. A universe gathering the creations on a green tea base, filled with lightness and flavors. For instance, you will find the famous mint tea, jasmine tea or even the macaron tea... there is something to suit every taste... 
  • Plain & origin teas: a universe that is characterized by the grey color, gathering teas from all over the world: Chinese, Ceylan, Japanese, Assam teas, Darjeeling teas... Gardens which are preciously selected by the Impertinent Parisian himself to offer a selection of exceptional teas and Grands Cru.

For a theine-free cup: herbal teas and beneficial infusions

And for those who are more sensitive to theine, or who simply want to allow themselves a little beneficial cup at any time of the day or the evening, the tea house also offers two universes entirely composed of plain or flavored infusions, to be enjoyed according to your mood.

  • ‘Weeds’: delicately colored with pink, this universe offers flavored infusions composed on various bases; from fruit blends to matés, through red rooibos... the whole decorated with flower petals, pieces of fruit, or even with spicy, greedy, bewitching flavors... Enough to please all kinds of palates.
  • ‘Herbal teas’: the universe bearing the blue color. It offers a selection of herbal teas composed on a blend of infusion plants to provide you with beneficial infusions, such as the delicious verbena, the sumptuous lime blossom or even the inescapable chamomile. Traditional herbal teas that each and everyone enjoys to savor after a busy day or simply to allow yourself a moment of relaxation.

From origin tea to infusions, through plain herbal teas and flavored creations, THEODOR offers five tea universes satisfying all taste buds and all your desires, the whole with pretty colors, for beneficial and delicious tea times!