Tea address in Granville

On 07 September 2016

We continue our immersion into what was the first THEODOR tea shop, Picorette x THEODOR Granville, to learn more about this place of tea wonders...

THEODOR teas at the heart of Picorette

In our previous article presenting this first THEODOR tea shop we brought up Picorette x THEODOR Granville's 'restaurant area' where all the meals and pastries are homemade, except for ice cream and bread. So every day for lunch, Picorette's team prepares good meals in order to satisfy the taste buds of both regulars and tourists, and all of those who set foot inside the shop. And to accompany this delicious dish, they offer a very large choice of THEODOR teas, cool and hot beverages to suit every taste, allowing you to savor your favorite THEODOR teas, or on the contrary to discover new flavors, new blends, while enjoying a delicious meal.

The tea room and the tea shop welcomes fine connoisseurs every day but also many tea lovers or curious people looking for dicovery or who wish to take the plunge and enter tea universe. And they are in the right place because the sellers and advisers are at their disposal to accompany them in their choices, by allowing them to smell and discover the different loose teas, infusions, matés... that is to say everything that is hiding inside the pretty tins delicately placed on the shelves.
Exchanging is very important, all the more so as tea is a passion that they love to share with their conversation partners; it goes through a description of the tea, of its flavors, its texture in your mouth, the story of its leaves or even the tea's origin and its production path...

It is also the perfect place to look for tea to make a gift; loose tea, or in individual teabags or even inside a pretty tin, without forgetting the tea gift sets and accessories, there is something to suit every taste!

A tea shop for every palate

What we love about Picorette is that atmosphere, this 'soul' that is offered to us as from the first moments. We can discover it through the tea shop, the colored shelves, the tea tins winking at you, the perfumes escaping to tease your nose and calling you to learn more about this or that tea origin or that fruit blend... A true welcome starting even before you meet the shop's team. They apply themselves with care and talent to accompany the visitors and to serve them at best.

This tea room is a place for all kinds of palate, any age, any kind of tea lover and each and every one is going to find what they are looking for; children, adults, but also families who make themselves confortable there often during weekends or during holidays... a place overflowing with little pleasures which are always released with a smile and the excellence of the House.

Between traditional Christmas teas, more surprising infusions, or even great classics among THEODOR teas, such as the Oolong milky, Earl Grey Royal, Lapsang Souchong... all lovers are satisfied and are always asking for more...

To discover this tea shop's authentic soul and atmosphere, it's over here:
Picorette - THEODOR Granville
24, rue Saint Sauveur  50400 Granville
(40km away from the Mont Saint Michel)

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