‘Carpe Diem’, a beneficial infusion at any moment

On 31 August 2016

What about a little beneficial cup, to be enjoyed either in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening as its base doesn't contain any theine...

Today, tasting of a flavored creation filled with sweetness, coming straight from the Impertinent Parisian's imagination. On the theme of 'Greediness', name of the 'Essence' it belongs to, it is standing next to greedy teas which have already won our taste buds over, including the 'Pêché Mignon', the melon and exotic fruit flavored green tea or even the inescapable Oolong milky tea.

This flavored infusion is composed on a base of rooibos, often called "red tea", although it suits perfectly those who can be sensitive to theine as it does not contain any. Be careful not to mix rooibos and the one that is commonly called "red tea" in China, actually referring to black tea, because of the red-like color its shows after brewing.

Tasting of a red fruit almond-flavored infusion

As always, the creator preciously selected the different ingredients composing this infusion. If you look at this blend a little closer, you will distinguish a delicious rooibos coming straight from South Africa, where it originally comes from, accompanied by small pieces of fruits, the whole releasing delicious perfumes reminding you of almond and red fruits, encouraging you to move immediately to the tasting stage...

As from the first mouthfuls, everybody agrees, it is a true pleasure for your taste buds, with its sweet and greedy notes... A wonderful surprise in your mouth, both silky and wide, each mouthful envelops your palate with sweetness and greediness. If you close your eyes, you will clearly recognize the flavors of red fruits, and especially of strawberry, and those of almond and sugared almond which are expressed more intensely in middle notes. And in order to perfect this gustatory journey, the fruity notes disappear slightly to make way to this almond flavor, with roasted and exotic flavors, that you will certainly enjoy.

A fruit infusion which is going to satisfy adults and children through its very sweet and greedy side, the whole without any calorie, for a detox tea time at any time!