‘Pêché Mignon’ : a tea with greedy flavors

On 02 August 2016

THEODOR tea house's creator pleases our taste buds once again through a creation with fruity flavors. He imagined a flavored green tea with greedy notes for tea lovers who are enthusiasts for little breaks and little indulgence...

This blend is intended for everyone and can be savored at any time of the day because of its lightness and its freshness. It offers a loose tea that is delicious to look at, sprinkled with green, yellow and blue, between long whole tea leaves, cornflower petals, rose petals, pieces of ananas... the whole releasing bewitching flavors at every opening of your tea tin (or bag).

The Impertinent Parisian found here the perfect combination between flavors of exotic fruits and melon, in order to create a blend you like to enjoy as much as a morning tea as for a 5 o'clock tea.

Extremely sweet in your mouth it releases flavors of melon accompanied by touches of exotic fruits, the whole with creaminess and roundness on your palate. A perfect flavored tea when you are in the mood for sweet and comforting tea times, to be shared (or not) with your loved ones.

THEODOR tea menu on the theme of 'Greediness'

Lovers of soft, fruity, sweet notes are going to be satisfied by the Greediness teas. This essence by THEODOR gathers four teas, four creations composed on similar flavors but on different rooibos or tea bases, to please palates in search for diversity while having the same demands.

Imagined for the greediest tea lovers, this tea essence offers the most adorable 'Pêche mignon', to which you can only give in for tea time, either it is in your home's peace and quiet, for a little break at work or even during a little getaway at a tea room in a warm atmosphere...

So, if you are rather a 'greedy' one, to give tea as a present or simply for a change of taste, why not trying a little cup of a beneficial rooibos, deliciously flavored with red fruits and sugared almonds, the 'Carpe Diem'? Or even enjoying a fruity cup with a 'Place Saint Marc' flavored black tea? or why not treating yourself to a cup that will make your taste buds travel and wrap them with sweetness with a Milky Oolong tea? The Greediness essence will satisfy your taste buds with soft and sweet notes, according to your desires; from black tea to plain tea through your wishes for infusion or green tea...