Meeting the tea creator inside his laboratory...

On 11 July 2016

As promised, we continue our visit in the Impertinent Parisian's tea laboratory, welcoming us in the secret of his lair...

Here we are, now facing the 'spice side', so perfumed and bewitching... They are coming from all around the world, just like the teas, in order to perfect the creations, between colors, flavors, shapes, we don't know all of them but we are easily carried away by their perfumes, allowing us to dream of elsewhere.

Eventually, we turn to the 'flower side'... Some of them are added to blends in order to flavor them, others to simply give pretty colors to the loose tea, or even, sometimes they are added to be a binder between tea and flavors, a natural 'chemical' impact that does not has any impact on the flavors.

Some flowers are frequently used in crations, while others are much rarer, such as for instance camelia flower (here the flower and not the bush), that the Impertinent Parisian added to the 'Adèle H.' flavored black tea or even safflower, saffron flower, that we find in more complex blends such as 'Tribute' tea.

Flavored creations and tea selection

Guillaume LELEU is not only THEODOR tea house's founder, CEO and creator, but also the brand's official tea taster, known worldwide.

He also practises his profession inside his laboratory, of which we were able to discover a few secrets in the article 'Visit of THEODOR's tea laboratory', surrounded by more than 2,000 tea samples coming from gardens all around the world. A real master tea library among whose we find pu er tea, Japanese green tea, Chinese tea, Darjeeling tea, and a lot more...

Beyond their simple tasting, the Impertinent Parisian carries out all kinds of tests, depending on the expected research, and this can go from a simple quality test, to others more detailed, like one to estimate the aging of tea or its organoleptic properties. It is also in the heart of his laboratory that he preciously and delicately selects each of the teas which are going to join THEODOR house's catalog in the future.

How does it work?

Still depending on seasons and different harvests, the Impertinent Parisian receives around fifty tea samples to analyze every week, so then he locks himself into these walls in order to carry out different tests.

As he says himself, it is a part of his profession that he considers fundamental and very enriching because it enables him to permanently feed his tea knowledge in every shape and form, which turns out to be essential in the creation process of flavored blends, which you could think are only based on the creator's alchemy and inspiration.

Confession of an (impertinent) tea taster

"But, tell us, M. Impertinent Parisian, now that we know a little more about your profession and about the creation of your flavored teas and infusions, if we asked you...:

- ... which one was the more complex to create?
Without any doubt, one of the house's flagship blends, 'Mélange Ô' flavored black tea which was designed like a "flower tea" to honor the perfumers and which has been one of the most beautiful compositions.

- … yes, yes, we are curious, we know... and according to you, which one is the most audacious?
According to me, 'Scandale', this flavored black tea with notes of cinnamon, which was probably the first flavored pu er tea worldwide, and it is a scandal...

- … and the most difficult to concoct?
'Oh Là Là... !' flavored black tea which allows to rediscover in your mouth flavors of mulled wine and spices, as if you were taking a walk on a Christmas market in winter... unique and intense...

Thank you for your answers and for these magical moments spent inside your lair, dear Impertinent Parisian."