Visit of THEODOR's tea laboratory

On 23 June 2016

We talked to you about the setting up of THEODOR tea house and its factory in Bonnières sur Seine, in the article 'Made in France tea', but these premises are also housing the house's tea master's laboratory, the Impertinent Parisian...

We are getting in for a few hours in order to discover the place where he gives free rein to his creativity and practises his tea taster talent; between flavored teas, beneficial infusions and other creations only he has the secret, the whole with a wonderful view of the Seine River and the neighboring village.

Made in France tea: THEODOR's factory

We go forward inside this one-of-a-kind tea factory, and let ourselves be carried away by the one thousand one tea flavors that are released and bewitching the olfactory. This combination of flavors is a real pleasure for the senses. We observe the path of tea, the 'little hands' preciously manufacturing and packing each of the teas and teabags, the few machines remaining essential in the production of the blends, even if almost everything is made by hand... It is a completely different universe, another side of tea and of the brand that we discover inside these walls, a facinating experience.

In passing, we are lucky to be able to observe today the production of THEODOR's very flavored jasmine green tea individual precious teabags, an inescapable creation.

We continue our journey, to a mysterious door, behind which is hiding an adorable small Japanese garden, already allowing us to dream. Only the stairs are still separating us from the place where all the magic happens. We open the door, wearing a very fashion hygiene cap and a white coat...

The laboratory: place for creation of flavored teas and infusions

Guillaume LELEU, called the Impertinent Parisian, declares 'The region is favorable to inspiration and is a source of relaxation'. Indeed, in a well-known neighboring village, Giverny, we find Claude Monet's gardens, as well as his house and these wheat and poppy fields which inspired him so much. A region imbued with history and art, where the artist is drawing part of his inspiration.

The tea taster is taking us to discover the famous 'mur des précieuses' (precious wall), that he says to be at the heart of his inspiration. They are hundreds of little vials containing various essences and natural oils, some being very rare, used for aromatic compositions during the creation of flavored blends. 

The Impertinent Parisian loves to tell his different travels at the heart of tea plantations, each of these vials reminds him of a trip, an encounter, a unique experience...

If you look a little closer, you could think that it is the laboratory of a great Parisian perfumer. All of these little vials with very various notes are suprising and bewitching. The master of these premises introduces one of these precious oils, uncomparable and expensive; cactus essential oil, that we also know as 'Barbary fig'. He also remembers the creation of a black tea well-known to tea lovers: the Earl Grey Royal, and especially on the secret that made his reputation. The creation of this tea blend is based on an 'Old England' bergamot essence which is a special Calabrian bergamot, aging according to a unique process, only known to the Calabrian house prodicing it and supplying THEODOR.

And we take advantage of it to savor a little cup of tea to recover from all of these revelations and emotions, and we are going to tell you what happens next on the next episode...