'Thé du Loup' : first flavored black tea signed by THEODOR

On 10 May 2016

For its first flavored creation, 'Thé du Loup', the Impertinent Parisian chose to address all kinds of palates, from adults to children, in order to provide them with the greediest tea time and to be savored at any time of the day.

Through this precise and balanced blend he reveals his tea taster's know-how to the public for the first time, through a combination of tea and flavors filled with intensity and sweetness.

This flavored black tea has today become one of THEODOR's flagship teas, next to other blends (such as 'Carpe Diem' rooibos or Milky Oolong origin tea, or even 'Traditional Nanah Marocco' mint tea), around which we enjoy to gather with friends or family in order to share a knowing moment filled with comfort.

For a morning cup... or a 5 o'clock tea?

Before even moving to the infusion stage, this loose tea offers buttered, vanilla, chocolate flavored... bewitching for your olfactory and inciting you to taste it...

The flavors of this 'Thé du Loup', filled with greediness, will glady invite themselves to your table, to be shared either for a morning tea or following a meal to end it on a sweet note, or even for an afternoon tea time, but without any calorie. After all, don't everybody dream to treat themselves without gaining one single gram, do they?

A man's tea as much as a woman's tea, also pleasing children's taste buds through an intense and greedy cup with delicious flavors of roasted hazelnut and chocolate, with, in addition to that, a little touch of vanilla, revealed in your mouth to perfect this tasting.

A tea menu for lovers of sweet notes

In order to satisfy taste buds looking for discovery and for a nice change, THEODOR house offers a catagorization by 'tea essences'; and the 'Pretentiousness' one is composed on greedy and sweet flavors, for lovers of tea and reviewed classic notes.

For the tea lovers who would already have given in to 'Thé du Loup', this essence's flavored black tea, there is no doubt that your taste buds are going to take pleasure in a fruity 'Acte II', when they will be in a mood for green tea, or even a 'Yin Zhen' white tea for a morning tea. Without forgetting the ones most sensitive to theine who would want to treat themselves at any time and who would certainly take pleasure in an exotic fruit flavored rooibos after dinner... Une autre idée?