Made in France tea, an artisan manufacturing a stone's throw from Paris

On 12 April 2016

THEODOR tea brand set up on the bank of the Seine River in order to manufacture its teas and its creations, on a former industrial area, 40km away from Paris, inside former premises which used to be, since 1934, the place where New Yorker sewing machine brand SINGER had established its factory until the end of the 30-year post-war boom, during the seventies, when it disappeared.

The premises' story can still be strongly felt today and demonstrates this exceptional and unique industrial architecture, kept at the closest to its original state, and this even before the setting up of Singer, as the area was founded at the end of 19th century. It is indeed for all of these reasons, attached to the stone and architecure of this place especially inhabited by history and by the soul of this very beautiful factory, that the Impertinent Parisian chose to set up THEODOR House's workshops.

Between Seine River and Paris - Le Havre railway, THEODOR occupies today more than 5,000 m² of this industrial area which supported the region for over 30 years.

Inside this industrial wasteland, THEODOR has occupied, since 2014, first of all a first floor, the one of former fitting workshops where specialised worker women were trying each machine meticulously, adjusting reels, tightness, carrying out their tests of embroidery and stitching.

Then, THEODOR extended to the premises where there used to be the 'Cutting and Stretching' workshops for Singer machines.

This place, the symbol for local industry and French industrial know-how, experiences today a second life thanks to THEODOR teas and other companies that have set up on the area since then.

A haute-couture tea, for teas unique in the world...

A pretty wink of fate which thumbs its nose at it, to see, thanks to THEODOR, the arrival of so many flavors coming from elsewhere in this place which also used to be, due to its privileged position a stone's throw from Paris, a real harbor on the bank of the Seine River: the former area used to host a place of boarding and unloading with a rolling bridge whose vestige are besides still present.

Today, teas from all horizons, (such as 'Lapsang Souchong', 'Yin Zhen', 'Gyokuro', 'Wulong Dong Ding'...) from producers all around the world, finding their place inside the house's warehouses in order to be packed, or used as essential ingredient in the creations of the house.

More than 100 tons of tea arrive every year in every shape and form and are processed by hand inside the workshops.

Days are set by the rythm of importations from the whole world, either it is from Asia: Chinese teas, Japanese green teas, or from Taiwan, Ceylan black teas, or even Korean teas, but also from Assam, Darjeeling, India, rooibos from South Africa, from Brazil or Argentina for yerba matés... without forgetting the creations that are born from them and whose names are today well-known to everyone, such as 'J.C. Absolu Oolong', 'Je t'aime', 'Perseus', 'Pêché mignon', 'Carpe Diem'...

Everything is carefully dealt with with love, flavored or plain teas, infusions and other plants, ambassadors of a French know-how benefitting from a reputation that has today gone international.

Indeed, if a large part of the production is loose tea going to several retailers in different latitudes of the Globe, THEODOR resells around 200 to 250,000 tea tins a year, identical to the one all lovers have at home, so very prettily adorned with a satin ribbon, and also manufactures on the spot around 5 to 7 million individual teabags a year, called 'precious teabags'.

Even if these figures seem to be significant, the production remains industrialized at the lowest, in a spirit to carry on a almost only artisanal work, by 'little hands', favoring quality and human to all mass economy. The factory is composed of little workshops, without any assembling chain, with very demanding and manual manufacturing processes. Like in the past.