Creator of flavored teas : The Impertinent Parisian

On 20 March 2016

There is no need to introduce Parisian tea brand THEODOR Paris anymore, renowned in France and abroad for its flavored and plain blends... but what if we took a particular interest in this exceptional tea house's creator. Who is behind the one we call the Impertinent Parisian?

Guillaume Leleu, called the Impertinent Parisian, has been amazing and enchanting tea lovers' taste buds since 2002 through his bold and atypical tea creations, between flavored teas and fruit infusions, but not only, he is a true artist whose talent is expressed at several levels; from the creation of blends to tins, but also the design of unique teapots.

Writer, creator and tea master

It is with talent and impertinence that this artist and tea taster upends code and leaves his marks in the tea world, by blending flavors and teas for alchemist's compositions amazing palates, either it is for a morning tea such as a 'British Breakfast' on a plain tea blend or even for the perfect afternoon tea, like an Earl Grey, and even this classic has been revisited by his hand.

According to him, 'The only way to have a tea is to love it', and tea time is the moment of sharing par excellence.

Besides he imagined his first creation, 'Thé du Loup', in order to give moments of sharing to the whole family, and especially children, as this flavored black tea envelops palates with sweet notes of chocolate and hazelnut, for children's greatest pleasure.

Before moving to the stage of creation, Guillaume LELEU used to practice the art of writing by lending his pen to a great tea master, to put words on the flavors expressed in your mouth during the tasting of the teas he was sending to him.

He is today on the other side and concocts delicious creations, away from the eye, inside his laboratory where he gives free reins to his talent, like for instance through the 'Scandale' flavored black tea, with warm notes of cinnamon.

As THEODOR tea house's tea taster, he regularly travels worldwide, sometimes to discover and select tea gardens, sometimes to go off to discover new regions, or even to feed his inspiration with new experiences and new encounters.

But what especially matters to him is to be able to put smiles on faces through the savoring of a cup of tea, a challenge that he took up with flying colors and that continues to take up day after day, simply because life is full of small pleasures.