An inescapable tea address in Paris: THEODOR Trocadéro

On 15 February 2016

Today, let's take a trip to the 'Trocadéro' quarter, in 16th arrondissement, Paris, at 28 rue des Sablons, to discover there THEODOR tea shop, the tea counter where a sweet 'Belle Epoque' atmosphere reigns.

The birth of a French tea house, that has today become international

On the occasion of Universal Exposition that took place in 1855, Paris got ready with its most beautiful attires. Streets were transformed and shops became real little salons ready to welcome the passerbys.

A dairy shop called "Beurre et Œufs Fromages" then opened its doors at 28 rue des sablons, just a short walk away from the Eiffel Tower, for the lovers' greatest pleasure. Its facade offering delicate decorations signed by the greatest workshops of this time (Charles Anselm and A. Lebarque), between paintings on glass, enamels, or even canvas fixed on glass... that you can still admire today and showing the past of this particular place.

You need to know that at this time, milk was not yet part of Parisians' daily life, for that, you will have to wait until coffee makes its entrance around late 18th century, accompanied by a drop of milk for the finest palates... (Would it be a wink to the future Indian Chai tea, 'Bollywood Chaïpur', that you will find later on the tea house's shelves?)

The dairy shop is vacated on September 2011, when rumor has it that the quarter is soon to welcome a Greek kebab house among its shopkeepers... But it will be one of this street's resident, living just accross the building, Guilaume LELEU called 'the Impertinent Parisian', who will decide to open a French tea house there, for a 'tea time at the Eiffel Tower'.

THEODOR's universe: from flavored tea to plain tea...

Today registered on the city's 'inventaire supplémentaire des bâtiments de France et monuments historiques' (national heritage), THEODOR tea shop soon becomes popular and plunges you into the brand's very colored and flavored universe, a tea brand that is today renowned, as soon as you step foot into the shop, between flavored teas, plain teas and greedy infusions, there is something to suit all tastes.

But how to choose your tea among this large lacquered tins, from which flavors, one more enchanting than the others, are escaping... It's not easy to resist them, especially as a selection of 120 to 180 teas and infusions are presented to you (depending on seasons and arrivals from the best tea gardens in the world).

Half of the teas are plain teas, that we also call pure origin teas, coming from excellence gardens and personally selected by Guillaume LELEU, including unique exceptional teas and completely exclusive ones which are going to be imported in the near future, such as the famous Milky oolong tea.

In order to complete the range and satisfy all kind of palates, the other half of the blends represents the Impertinent Parisian's flavored creations, delicately imagined on notes of fruits, flowers, spices... to be savoured according to the mood of the day. Each creation is based on a very high quality tea, sometimes decorated with some pieces of fruits or flowers.

Today, sadly, the Impertinent Parisian gave his seat behind the counter, where he was at the beginning, to travel towards new tea adventures, but the tea shop in the 16th arrondissement remains a place for encounters, discoveries and pleasures. It is opened and welcomes you Tuesdays to Saturdays between 10:30am and 01:00pm and between 02:00pm and 06:30pm, to allow you to smell, to discover and to advise you in your search for the perfect blend(s). An address among the great inescapable tea addresses in Paris.

Why don't you start with a cup of 'Thé du Loup', a flavored black tea with notes of chocolate and hazelnut, which was also the very first creation signed by the Impertinent Parisian.

To learn more about THEODOR tea shop rue des Sablons, feel free to contact us at +33 (0)1 45 05 25 98 and to discover all of our other tea addresses where you can rediscover a selection of THEODOR teas all around the world.