THEODOR : How to choose your tea?

On 13 January 2016

Discover tea through the spectrum of an atypical and unique French tea house, founded in 2002 by Guillaume LELEU, THEODOR House's official tea taster and tea master.

Tastes: Choose your tea according to your palate

In order to make the choice of your tea according to your palate easier, THEODOR classified its blends by 'essences'. These divide our tea taster's creations, nicknamed 'the Impertient' because of the originality of his concept, like tea collections, such as for instance Christmas teas.
Great 'terrible child' in the tea world, Guillaume LELEU gladly accepts this 'Impertinent Parisian' nickname.
The tea essences represent far more than a ranking since it gives an offered journey to get to know and to travel through the large tea world around 16 essences, 16 gustatory palettes to be followed like a commun thread.

Among this categorization, we like to find:

  • Greediness (teas with notes reminding of pastries), 
  • Impertinence (teas for lovers of powerful notes, between spices and flowers), 
  • Gallantry (blends with pastry and fruity flavors), 
  • Pretentiousness (through teas with rather classic and sweet notes), 
  • Caprice (for warm and fruity cups of tea), 
  • Boldness (offers teas with flavors of spices and citrus fruits), 
  • Impudence (with blends flavored with spices and red fruits), 
  • Imprudence (presenting exotic and fruit flavors), 
  • Carelessness (teas with flowery notes), 
  • Exuberance (for cups with flavors of flowers and citrus fruits), 
  • Utopia (creations with exotic and spicy notes), 
  • Laziness (flavored teas with citrus fruits), 
  • Narcissism (teas with intense and exotic flavors), 
  • Certitude (offering revisited great tea classics), 
  • Jealousy (for fruity and sweet moment)
  • And Selfishness (four blends with warm and greedy notes).

Categorization : the great tea categories

Through these essences, we find 4 blends each coming from one different tea universe: one origin tea (more commonly called 'plain tea'), one flavored black tea, one flavored green tea, one 'weed' (the universe gathering fruit infusions and rooibos), respectively represented by their universe's color: grey, black, green and pink.

Luxury must surprise, that's why each detail is important.
Grace in all simplicity. The pretty infusion or tea tins are decorated with a colored satin ribbon and their round and delicate curves reveal to us the one thousand faces of the tea universe.

Four colors, four universes, to be discovered, to be followed and savoured, which are going to take you to the origin of tea through a unique journey of the senses.

Pink, green, black, grey, the colors of THEODOR House's tea universes offer an obvious categorization of the blends, especially designed in order to meet the desires of the moment.

A creator bias on this large tea world, where the challenge is to enchant it again, to give sense, quality, memory to it, through a creator's, a designer's, an artist's know-how.
A serious challenge that was successfully taken up with talent by THEODOR House's founder, Guillaume LELEU.

The 'blue' universe later came to complete the range of tea universes in order to present the 'herbal teas'. It gathers the health beneficial plain herbal teas that we love so much to rediscover for moments of well-being: between chamomile, verbena, lime-blossom, honeybush and a delicious creation of the House, the 'Tisane de l'Abbaye', based on a blend of plants.

Would you like to discover or rediscover the teas and blends composing these essences and universes?
Enter the tea universes there...