A new Christmas collection

On 23 October 2017

Up to its prestige, THEODOR House did things big this year, to end year 2017 on more than magical notes, holding a cup of tea in your hand (of course). One more time, after Hennessy, Palais de Tokyo, Kenzo, Nina Ricci... THEODOR signs a wonderful and great cooperation with a renowned great international artist-designer and whose talent has nothing left to prove, simply enough to let you dream of the most beautiful Christmas gift...

Tarout x Theodor


Since January 2017, THEODOR House has been celebrating its 15th anniversary, a unique and special anniversary that we chose to share with you. On this occasion, the 'Laponic' Christmas tea collection, that you we were able to discover during our very first Christmas Pop-up Store in Paris in November 2016, is adorned with brand-new designs and is offered to you in a festive, friendly spirit, the whole on a sweet touching note.

This 'Laponic December 25th' collection, for those who would not have yet the opportunity to discover it, is composed of four creations with atypical and surprising notes, each imagined on a different rooibos or tea base in order to satisfy each lover's taste buds, adults like children. If each of these blends is different, the creator chose to obey only one rule, the one to flavor these creations by respecting three essential elements: one woody note, one fruity flavor and one touch or aromatic herbs. This collection is completed by a Christmas herbal tea with more traditional flavors, accompanying the end of a meal and your evenings: Les Herbes insolentes, that many among you already love.

Flavors of rosemary, a touch of redcurrants, a few notes of cedar... allow yourself to be surprised again by the originality of these four teas, far from the more traditional flavors of this season sprinkled with citrus fruits and spices (that you can still rediscover in the 'December 25th' tea collection), and give yourself a real journey of the senses by the fireside for tea time.


Following cooperations with great prestigious Houses, as much in the fashion world as the one of art or liquors, on the occasion of its 15th anniversary, THEODOR House signs with a great and famous Japanese artist-designer in a spirit marked by Japanese pop culture: Tarout.
Renowned illustrator, he already worked for the greatests, such as Dior, Paul Smith, Fendi, Starbucks, Nike+, Vogue, Marc Jacobs, Uniqlo, ... and is honoring us this year by imagining entirely our new 'Japonic December 25th' collection. From tea tins to the advent calendar, through Christmas tea precious teabags (for the first time), you are going to discover a universe only Tarout knows how to make, filled with emotions, love and attentions.

5 creation blends, 5 created characters

The 5 'Japonic' Christmas teas and herbal teas are then decorated for the occasion with wonderful Japanese illustrations and are taking us to meet 5 characters as well as Lunny, Tarout's lucky bunny. Characters who are so cute and endearing that you won't be able to do without them.

So, plunge into each character's universe, from 'Lonely Granny' - the lonely grandmother with her cat, to the 'Impertinent Parisian', through 'Glutton Boy' - the very greedy boy, or even 'Quiet Girl' - the very discrete girl or 'Exotic Lady' - the pretty lady from the islands, who are going to make you (re)discover the atypical notes of these Christmas blends! Pretty tins, a pretty advent calendar and a gift set which will only be wonderful gift ideas to make people or yourself happy during this Christmas season, filled with magic and fairy like every year.

Since always, THEODOR House has given itself the mission to give you the best of tea while releasing lots of small pleasures, and this year, with Lunny, the 'Japonic' Christmas collection - very special edition imagined by Tarout, claims to be just like that! So... with which blend are you going to let yourself be tempted? Rediscover very soon the whole new Christmas collection by clicking here.

Lunny and the whole THEODOR team wish you a Lucky Christmas!