How to make your iced tea?

On 29 June 2018
Preparation of iced tea according to THEODOR House

Would you like a refreshment during this period of hot wave? Prepare yourself a carafe of iced tea in advance and take great delight in cool, fruity and/or greedy flavors to be shared (or not) with your loved ones, and simply enjoy this moment of absolute relaxation... on your deckchair, in the shade of the coconut tree - yes, it's certain, your taste buds are going to travel. Discover our little recipe, very easy to prepare your iced tea:


1L water
20g tea or infusion (as you wish)


Weight 20g of the blend you chose and measure 1L of water; as for us, we chose a delicious fruit infusion with exotic flavors...
Pour the whole inside a carafe and leave it to brew for one hour.
Once the brewing is over, filter the leaves using a sieve and place the carafe of iced tea in the fridge for at least two hours. There is nothing for it but to enjoy this cool iced tea for a little refreshing break during your summer days.

Why don't you share your delicious homemade iced tea with your loved ones? :p

Homemade iced tea - Theodor