March 20th – Official launch

On 22 March 2017

It's official!

Celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, THEODOR House's greatest pleasure for this International Day of Happiness happening on March 20th was by far the joy to officially launch its support for THEODORA Children's Charity.

On this occasion, THEODORA Children's Charity, represented by one of its founders, André Poulie and THEODOR House's almost full team, gathered right in the heart of THEODOR's factory in Bonnières sur Seine.
Guillaume Leleu, the Impertinent Parisian and THEODOR House's founder, started the ceremony with a moving speech. A real moment of sharing, happiness and joy, filled with emotions.

Tea and happiness

" Dear André,

First of all, thank you for being with us on this International Day of Happiness, here, at the heart of our factory, by the side of all of our co-workers on this day that is very special to all of us.
It is such a pleasure for us to welcome you.

As you know, THEODOR is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year and you have been the prettiest gift that we have wanted to receive but never had. 
Indeed, for 15 years now, we have been trying with conviction, with ‘our’ humanity, sincerity, frankness values to set up a new model through our path, our company, our products.
Each of the co-workers you see here has tried, every day, and continues to follow this quest in order to be able to offer something else, more than a simple product, than a simple task, than only ‘selling to sell’.Behind THEODOR, there has always been a desire to try hard to go beyond that. Beyond words, beyond the models that are presented to us as examples, beyond these values which seem to be dictating our current world, values of financial success, social success, selfishness or ‘every man for oneself’.

THEODOR is not a wealthy company in the financial meaning, but a company that is rich through its differences, its co-workers, its values and is not richer today than it was yesterday, than it will be tomorrow.
For all that, we all, each person that you see around you and for whom I am today the spokesperson, are pleased and are very honored to say to you: THANK YOU.

Thank you for this gift you are making to us.
Thank you, because if until today we have had one reason, one desire to create something different, today, you are giving sense and meaning to our work, to our daily shared mission.
“To give laughs and dreams to hospitalized children, to autistic children”, is there a greatest joy for each of us?

This idea that you set up thanks to the sole desire to release happiness beyond your own family, beyond yourself, we could only join you, as much individually as collectively.
Because if life can sometimes be tough in these ordeals and that many causes are legitimate, the one supporting childhood, handicap, too often whispered or kept quiet, concerns all of us, can affect any family one day, and if non-dealt with, they could be the reason for our own sorrows one day, we adults.
Indeed, there is nothing more frightening than the despair and solitude while facing these situations, facing illness, facing these moments that one experiences like nightmares.
So, your approach to go meeting this childhood, to give them joy, smiles, dreams on the places where tears of sadness and pain can fall on innocent cheeks and on their parents’, in order to replace them with tears of joy and laughter, it moved us deeply.
Thank you, because I am sure of it, we all ask ourselves one day on how we can make action in order to give meaning to our life. Sometimes we find the answer in our work, where we spend most of our time next to our family life, with our colleagues, working on to do things right, for the personal credit to be part of a link that is necessary for a greater common good feeding our families. But our approach, although collective on this daily life at work is still very individual and personal with its implication.

Yet today, by deciding for THEODOR to donate every year 1% of our annual turnover in favor of your action, by deciding beyond the fact of being the ambassador of your message and to position ourselves as an actor to raise donations for the Charity you founded, you generated a lot of positive energies.

All that we are going to raise, to donate, is for us, not a generous choice, not an investment choice, not a choice in relation to budget arbitration, but for each of us who are present here, it is a worry of consistency between our words and our actions, between the values we have and their expression, and the continuity of an action that began a very long time ago.

Yes, it is truly a meaning that you are giving us today and we are all very happy about it.
No, we are not waiting for anything in return, we are not considering any interest, we are not doing it out of pity, nor sadness, nor guilt, nor generosity. Smiling is free, and besides, don’t you usually say that one needs to give something in order to receive something?
So, what could we receive that would be dearer than this meaning you are giving to us?

So it is very warmly that I am pleased to hand our first small contribution over to you, however modest, but be sure that it results from the small pleasures we try hard to release every day in order to create one even bigger today.

In the name of all our partners throughout the world, of all our customers who love tea, of all of us, of this project that we have been following together for 15 years, we are proud and honored to be, from now on, by your side, by the side of THEODORA, and it is a mere coincidence that we both share the same first name, just like two twin souls whose destiny was to be reunited, because what would be more touching beyond perfecting the first letter of the names we all proudly bear, than to give wealth and meaning to a first name to our world.

Have a happy Day of Happiness,
Thank you again.
Guillaume. "

Then, André Poulie, touched by Guillaume Leleu's words, took the time to express himself and his emotions to THEODOR team.

" Dear Guillaume,

Life is filled with pretty coincidences. For those knowing how to seize them, like harvesting the first tea leaves, they add flavors to our existence.

Our meeting with THEODOR is the reflection of that. It is also the reflection of a common identity, going through the heart and emotion above all else. The Greek origin and the strong meaning of our brands are also deeply bound, as far as I am concerned, to childhood memories: the ones of the discovery of tea, combined with several flavors and surprises concocted by Theodora.

For the child that I used to be, tea was and always will be connected to traveling and stories from far-away countries. Such as Ceylon or Sumatra, lands of Sri Lanka and Indonesia known by my parents, two great travelers. Théodora, my mother, used to tell me that tea could have fruit notes such as apple. It would intrigue me a lot and even sounded harebrained to me. Théodora, she made me laugh and dream! Our tea (and cookie) ceremonies had nothing serious like in the Japanese tradition. It was always a source for new stories and laughs.

Laughs and escape, that is what Théodora Children’s Charity and its sister foundations, active in 8 countries, have given every week for 24 years, at the bedside of seriously ill children, as well as other children, living with a handicap. We do it with talented professional artists, also gifted with a great sensitivity and emotional stability.

It is very touching for me to feel the optimistic joy and to enjoy the sound of children’s laughs. Yet, these are affected by illness and accidents, sometimes the source of great pain and often of anxiety. Every time, it is a great life lesson for me. It reminds me that complaining about small and futile things is a useless waste of energy. Above all it teaches me that happiness lies in small things from our daily lives and in our encounters with other people.

There is only on step from escape to happiness, that you can overcome as easily as drinking a sip of flavored tea. You only need to close your eyes and let the magic happen! Like some like to say, ‘Life is full of small pleasures’.

One of those pleasures was precisely my meeting with you, Guillaume, THEODOR House’s founder, because I was driven by a huge curiosity. For almost 4 years, indeed, I had been regularly receiving authorization requests for our brands to be able to exist at the same time. I accepted them with pleasure so that they could coexist in far-away countries such as Russia, or China. What a pleasure it was for me when one day, I read an invitation from you for us to meet. It was a memorable moment for me.

Today, March 20th, 2017, International Day of Happiness, first day of spring, the ultimate day full of life, it is with great joy that I and the whole Théodora family are starting a path sprinkled with pleasures and happiness with you and THEODOR’s friends. Together, we are going to give and share numerous moments of escape such as those given by tea and visits of Giggle Doctors.

Thank you for your support,
And have a wonderful Day of Happiness !
André. "

A first donation to start taking action now

Because it is thanks to you, through your purchases on our website ou in our partner points of sale, that THEODOR House, on March 20th, 2017, donated a first 2,500€ donation to THEODORA Children's Charity, in order to take action now and to give lots of small pleasures to hospitalized children.

Also the occasion to indirectly hand small teddy bears over to Giggle Doctors, for them to distribute them to the children they will visit in the next days, simply to see pretty smiles on these innocent lips.

THEODOR supports Théodora
  • Vincent On 24.03.2017 at 21h21 Reply to this comment

    Tres belle initiative. Merci aux Theodor team et Theodora médecins pour leurs passions et leurs générosités

    • La Maison THEODOR On 24.03.2017 at 21h21

      Cher Vincent, nous sommes plus que ravis de voir que vous partager cette cause qui est simplement merveilleuse pour nous. Merci pour votre soutien, très belle journée !

  • Francis On 24.03.2017 at 11h17 Reply to this comment

    Felicitations quant à cette belle demarche !

    • LA MAISON THEODOR On 24.03.2017 at 11h17

      Merci cher Francis pour votre commentaire ! Belle journée :)